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« on: March 18, 2017, 10:05:29 pm »
On Thursday, I competed in the Lake Cumberland FFA Region Competition Day in the goat catagory of impromptu speaking. I had won at the Spencer County invitational event, so I figured I had a high chance of winning the region. I had to place at least second in the region to continue on to Kentucky FFA State Convention in June. I was severely disappointed when I heard that I had lost. I recieved the ranking of superior however which is the highest rank that can be given by the FFA in a competition other than a podium placing. This still upset me because it was my first time at the regional competition and I want to win the state competition. I'm a junior, so time is very limited. I had no idea what went wrong. I have descent speaking skills and I definately know about goats. I studied many hours and I gave several practice speeches. I looked at my comment card yesterday and it said that my hand motions were distracting and I swayed during my speech. Everyting else was fine including my voice and information. I still have no idea what distracting hand movements is supposed to mean or how to fix the issue before next year's speeches. I know that I have problem either swaying or pacing while a speak out of nervousness, and while I've tried standing in a fourty five degree stance to fix the swaying problem, it didn't help because I subconsciously returned to a natural stance where I could sway. I don't know if any of you can give me guidance on posture or hand movements, but I'd be greatful if some of you could lend me some advice.
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Re: Speaking
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2017, 11:15:11 pm »
This sounds silly, but when I was in theatre we'd attach a literal pole to our backs. I was still in middle school, so a lot of the kids swayed as they delivered their lines or sang their songs. It got to the point where the director had us attach a straight mop handle to our backs to show us how much we would move, and encourage us to stay still.

I don't know if that would actually help, but sometimes doing something ridiculous is what ends up working for me.
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