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This thread is to be a compilation of fursuit building tutorials for the members of FT, as well as someplace to post your own tips and advice for others to use.
If you have any tutorials you would like to share or would like me to add to the list, please don't hesitate to post them!
This is a massive work in progress- don't worry, there's plenty more to come! ;w; I'm just posting because I'm scared of accidentally deleting it while I work.

Matrices - Building A Fursuit Head With Foam
Tiny1Badger - Foam Bases [Video]
Kloofsuits - Full Head Tutorial [Video]
Komickrazi - Foam to Finish Head Tutorial [Video]
How To Fur A Head
Tiny1Badger - Realistic Ears
Matrices - Noses


Matrices - Toony Eyes
LobitaWorks Toony Fursuit Eyes
Ultra Realistic Eyes
Acrylic Eyes
Tiny1Badger - Kemono Fursuit Eyes
Tiny1Badger - DIY Christmas Ornament Eyes
Tiny1Badger - Angel Dragon Eyes


Matrices - Basic Handpaws
Matrices- Applying Paw Pads
Handpaw Tutorial
Sparkycando - Puffy Paws [Video]


Matrices - How to Build Footpaws
Cosplay Hooves
Mothsicle Suits - Sockpaws
Mothsicle Suits - Footpaws
Craftypup - Footpaws


Matrices - Making A Tail
How To Sew Elastic Onto A Tail
Small Avian Tail
Yarn Tail


Matrices - Fursuit Body
Komickrazi - Digitigrade Legs


Matrices - Duct Tape Dummy
Matrices - Patterning With Tape
Matrices - Furring
Matrices - Hand-sewing For Beginners
How to Install A Zipper
Fursuit Hair/Fur-Layering
Latex Fursuit Parts
Komickrazi - Horns


Distinctive Fabric
Mendel's Fake Furs
Fabric Empire
DreamVisonCreations [Fursuit Parts]

I've stickied this because I think this is a great resource for those who want to start making fursuits ^^

Thanks Mystic, I'm honored to contribute something helpful. :fox-:):

I think some basic sewing tutorials are useful too.

Absolutely. I might add a section just for technical things such as sewing, because if you can't sew you're going to have trouble making a suit  :fox-:P:


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