Author Topic: The WORST Kinds Of Customers...  (Read 181 times)

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The WORST Kinds Of Customers...
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:07:35 pm »
Long story short: I put some ads on facebook for my new graphic design business where I make logos, websites, ads,

I had one guy contact me wanting a decal for his car. He gave me a picture of a decal he wanted(which was filled with watermarks and all) from ebay. He wanted the car to be a bit different, and he wanted rims and a different color to be added to them.

I told him fine! I can totally do that. I charged him $40, that's when things started getting sticky.

Asshole is in RED
My responses are in BLUE

"Holy shet lol $40 is more then I wanted to spend especially for a decal"

"Sorry you feel that way. I have to manually draw out the car, arrange text, prepare it for cutting, etc.
If you do not feel that work is not worth the price then I wish you good luck.
You are not paying for "just a decal". You are paying me for my artistic abilities to draw out a very customized design that will be ready to cut for a decal."

"I understand what you gotta do but $40 seems a little steep to me for a decal that's not even that big I know what's involved"

"Again, I have to manually draw out the car, very precisely because it is an outline of a car. I have to draw out every spoke in the rim and make it PERFECTLY symmetrical and proportionate. You are NOT paying me for a DECAL. You are paying me for a piece of art that I have to create to your specifications. The Decal Cutting is a third party person that does NOT create the artwork, they simply run it through their machine to cut out.
And I can guarantee you my prices are some of the cheapest around. Logo designers are not cheap. But I am a student, and I love what I do, and I just need some extra money for my groceries and textbooks. I know my prices are very fair compared to other people in the industry."

Like i said I understand I wasn't expecting the $40 would it be just to make that same exact design exactly how it is no extra shit

It's not like I can take that image and paste it and add what you want. Because there is so much heavy watermarking on it, and it's a PICTURE, not an actual PNG image (Which is needed to cut a decal), I have to draw it out myself.
I actually charged you less than what is listed on my business website.

"So it's $40 no matter what?"

"Again, if you do not think my time and work is not worth your money than I apologize, but I know what my work is worth, and it's definitely not $40, but that's what I charge because I'm a student. I have many satisfied customers that did not argue with price, many of them are driving around with my designs.
If you want to be one of those people, cool. I'd be more than happy to assist. But if you do not agree with my already cheap pricing, that's fine."

"So price is firm no $30?"

"Sir, I find it very rude that you want me to haggle on my pricing which is already very reasonable. It's an offense to my craft, and I do not appreciate it.
You are basically telling me the work I put into my designs are not worth it to you."

"I'm not insulting you lol I'm trying to get a price that we are both happy at could I at least see a rendering or what it would even look like or am I gonna get charged for that?"

"I am happy with $40, again, that is $10 off of what I normally charge. I dropped it because personally I enjoy doing car work, and I think it'd be a fun project. The $40 is an upfront charge, the rendering is going to be what you requested, there would be no need to see it before and make adjustments as you made it clear as to what you wanted and I am confident in my skills to deliver what you requested."

I'm just very upset he had the nerve to question my pricing and put me down and my work. I know a lot of artists get this shit too and I FUCKING HATE IT. I understand some prices may be out of people's reach, but WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO ARGUE OVER THEM?

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Re: The WORST Kinds Of Customers...
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2017, 08:23:28 pm »
I'm sorry you had to deal with such an immature customer. Your pricing is your decision and he can't tell you otherwise. I'm sure you'll get even more customers who will be willing to pay the price you deserve in the future! Good luck
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