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General Pet Info
« on: May 09, 2017, 06:25:06 pm »
This is by no means an all-inclusive guide. You must do your own research to be fully prepared to own an animal. This is just a starting point to most animal husbandry!
Likewise, I would also not trust what a chain pet store employee may tell you. They don't mean harm, but often they are not correctly informed about the animals they sell. Know about the animal you want BEFORE walking into a store or breeder's home.

If you find a resource that is particularly helpful (for any species!) that is not listed here, post below and I will add it to the respective category or make a new category.


-Becoming a Dog Owner
-Responsible Dog Ownership
-ASPCA General Dog Care


-Cat Care Essentials
-ASPCA General Cat Care
-Complete Guide to Cats
-10 Tips for New Cat Owners
-The Basics of Living With and Caring for Cats


-AAV Basic Pet Bird Care
-Pet Parrots - Complete Beginner's Guide
-How To Care for your Pet Bird
-Love That Pet: Bird Care
-Beginner's Guide to Birds
-The Cost of Owning a Bird
-My Pet Chicken


-Fish Keeping for Beginners
-Beginner's Guide to Successful Fishkeeping
-Fish-Keeping Basics
-Keeping Fish Alive
-The Ultimate One Page Guide to Betta Fish Care


-So You Think You Want a Reptile?
-Owning your First Reptile
-Choosing a Pet Lizard and Basic Care
-Reptile Care


-About Amphibians
-Care of Amphibians
-Amphibians as Pets
-Back to Basics: Reptiles and Amphibians


-Rodent Basics
-Small Rodents as Pets
-Rat Basics
-Rodents that Make Good Pets


-Invertebrate Pets
-Keeping Insects
-Land Invertebrate Care
-Ideal Invertebrates for Beginners


-Basics of Owning a Horse
-Horse Care 101
-ASPCA Horse Care
-Basic Horse Care
-Helpful Horse Care Basics & Hints


-If the type of animal you're interested in was not listed, feel free to visit Pet Education for starters! It's a database of info for most pet types.
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