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Weird Dreams/Bard's Dream Journal
« on: May 27, 2017, 06:27:57 pm »
 May 27, 2017 - Saturday
Okay so like,, a couple of days ago I had a dream that after a formal I went on a date with Rodimus from More Than Meets The Eye and then I serenaded him and stuff and he kissed me on the cheek which was weird because thats a giant robot, ya know? And then he took me to the Lost Light, which is the ship the navigate throughout space with in that particular series, and then I woke up! A pleasant dream! I don't know what I had that night to eat but I imagine it wasn't particularly healthy because I have been living off of sandwiches, ramen noodles, and eggs these past few days man.

The second dream I had was like... it wasn't a really pleasant dream.
It started off with me being in school in my geometry class for some reason, and everything was just like a blue light, tinted with blue and I felt heavy and cold and for some reason Optimus was there but he wouldn't really acknowledge to anybody and then my friends just abandoned me and told me they really didn't want to be around me anymore. Take it, that I was thinking about breaking friendships off with them too, it was still really surreal and weird. And then on the board was like this weird animation that was like, supposedly from nicktoons or nickelodeon or something. And it was like, a bunch of trippy animations with a space background in the back with this weird buzzing noise, sorta like a weather warning(??) playing in the background really softly and then I blinked and opened my eyes and was an adult, or at least older than I am now, and I was walking into the Waffle House (which is a breakfast restaurant in the USA. Depending on the location, its either a hit-or-miss) and I could actually smell and taste and feel and it was just weird. It was a bit warmer this time and the lighting was soft and warm and I sat down and a man asked me what song was playing and I listened and answered "Sweet Home Alabama". I don't even like that song, I wasn't sure why it was playing. I don't think any Waffle House I went to even played music. The entire time it felt like I was running from something, trying to get away, but I didn't know what it was. And then I woke up and sat in bed for like 2 hours before I actually got up.

Tell me, if you want! Maybe you would want to do dream interpretation, heck I don't care! Just take in mind that I am not a professional and I highly doubt anyone here really is but it'd be cool if there was. Just no judging people's dreams. People can't help what they dream.

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