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Worlds Adrift
« on: June 03, 2017, 12:13:38 am »
"Worlds Adrift is a sandbox MMO where thousands of players explore a physical and persistent world with the freedom to set their own objectives. This creates an unpredictable environment, rich with the potential for emergent gameplay. Every encounter with creatures, players, or new islands brings with it new threats, experiences and conflicts."

It's main gameplay includes gathering materials to craft, and design an airship capable of flying island to island.

"From an agile skiff to a multi-level battle frigate able to withstand sustained bombardment, explore the world to find and learn what you need to build your ultimate flying base. Craft engines, wings, cannons, sails, storage, and other parts for your ship. Your design will have direct consequences on the ship’s performance and handling. Will yours survive a storm wall?"

The "wall" it speaks of is a gauntlet of sorts for you're ship, there are 4 walls (that I know of) each with progressing difficulty to pass through. But if you are able to pass through them, you'll find better materials, and such on the other sides, to upgrade, or rebuild your ship.

"Wander the skies as a nomad or form crews to aid one another in exploration and ship building. Pool resources to travel more safely and build greater skyships, or risk your life stowing away on an enemy ship. Join an alliance to explore, attack and defend the world as you see fit. As an open sandbox game, you must choose your allies carefully and be cautious when your crew encounters others who seek the same treasures."

It can be played solo, or with a team, and has few general rules in terms of how you choose to play. You can be a ship thief, or a bounty hunter, hunting real bounties ( already seen some placed on players head in the forums, with rewards such as rare parts), or maybe just a peaceful explorer. Up to you.
Currently the game is in closed Beta testing, though I managed to snag a copy, I think it's pretty fun, though you do have to be carful whom you trust, and the controls can be a bit difficult to master for some.

The website can be found here: which you can buy from directly when its out, or from Steam. And there are already YT video's out there to watch, for anyone wanting to know more.
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