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Fursona Making Guide + Resources
« on: June 03, 2017, 06:17:55 pm »
I thought this would be a useful thread because I always see people having trouble actually making a fursona (including myself)

Let's start on the basics

What exactly is a fursona you may ask
A fursona (or furry persona) is a character that represents someone who partakes in the furry fandom. The character is how fellow furries will see you in the fandom.

It is okay to have multiple fursonas

It is okay to change fursonas at any time

It is NOT okay to claim someone else's fursona as your own. If you didn't make it or buy it, it's not yours

Now time for the magic to happen (you can do these steps in any order!)


So you've decided you want a fursona
The hardest part in my opinion is picking the species
It can be an animal you relate to or an animal you just simply like
Its entirely up to you
It can even be a nonexistent animal or a hybrid
There are no limits

Here's a list of every animal ever!

list of mythical beasts

Or pick your top 5 favorite animals and decide between those

There's also various quizzes if you want to pick an animal that fits your personality just a simple "what animal am I?" Google search will bring up tons of quizzes

There are also fan made open species such as:
dutch angel dragons

Also if you want you can even make your own species!! Again there are no limits


COLORS! ah colors they're such a magical thing! Deciding on colors can either be really easy or really hard. You can stick with the natural colors of the species you chose or whatever you like.
you can use your favorite colors
The colors of the rainbow
It is your character! Go crazy!
If you don't have any colors you particularly like over the others there are tons of color scheme generators you can use is a really good one!
Just keep clicking until you find one you like
Or you can lock certain colors in and keep generating to see what would go well with it


The step you've all been waiting for *drum roll*

You can pay someone to make it a reality, draw it yourself, or use a base! (Never feel bad for using a base my first few fursona were on bases)

First here are some art tutorials (reminder its okay to use tutorials or references!)
bear + good tips
various head tutorials

There's a lot more just look on tumblr, furaffinity, or deviantart!

For bases I recommend the nice thread made by Mystic
free to use lineart
It gets updated by some members every now and then!
But remember to always credit the base maker!!!


The last and final step aaaaaa

Just have fun <3
Make a character you like
Don't make one based on other people's opinions
It is your character you can make whatever you want!
All fursonas are original in their own way so don't ever feel like you're not oringinal
Good luck making your fursona, lovelies  :lgbtheart:

Also anyone is welcome to add to this!!
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Re: Fursona Making Guide + Resources
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2017, 09:38:48 pm »
This is a really nice thread!! I'm sure it will be super helpful to people!
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Re: Fursona Making Guide + Resources
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2017, 09:47:32 pm »
Thanks dude, this is very helpful!
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