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Tell Us About Your Characters!
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:22:10 pm »
Let's be honest, part of being a furry is having at least one character. Some of us don't have a lot and some of us have an entire collection. Creating designs and personalities for the characters we come to love and cherish is quite a lot of fun, so what are your characters like? Who are they? What's their personality? It's no secret that people love to talk about what they've created, so why not do it here? :3
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Re: Tell Us About Your Characters!
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 02:32:43 pm »
All of my characters besides my fursonas are human. And I have way too many of those, so I couldn't tell ya all of em.
But, my fursona, Avery is me. Lazy, slow, hungry, etc. They're a giant pink sloth, that is goth.
Blue cheese, my rat, is fabulous, gay and friendly. But a little crazy
Draven is just a vampire lord. She's pretty crazy.
Spectre, my protogen, has been developed yet, but he's a sweetie.
Annnd my snake is just a punk and is very abrasive. But deep down she's a sweetie, as well.

That's all of my current anthro characters. Tbh, I'm more into human characters, so I have way more of those.
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Re: Tell Us About Your Characters!
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2017, 02:44:10 pm »
I only have my fursonas.

Bluefox Longtail is a semi-rude person, that finds arguments fun. He will continue going through the motions argument long after he has been proven wrong. He likes dark humor. He is a blue folf. He was my first fursona/character.

Sprite Limehead is a funny, happy, sarcastic, yet very clean person. He gets all his nutrition from the cold drink, Sprite. After making sure his current surroundings are clean and organized, he grabs a couple Sprites and goes about his day. He's a blue and limegreen dutchie.

Marvin Ciel Darwin is a protogen with what appears to be rare amber screen features. His displays show the On/Aum symbol which is fitting, for he is an enlightened person and spends his day in a fairly disorganized room studying a lot of things at once unless of course it's Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. For some reason he always has a map of anywhere you could need ready to bring from memory. He's a grey-blue protogen.
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Re: Tell Us About Your Characters!
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2017, 03:42:13 pm »
oooooooooooooh i love talking about my ocs

I guess I'll talk about my sonas first. If you know Sugar, you know me, like I've said many times. But her laziness and sleepiness is a little amplified. Benny is a worried, angry little cicada who tends to assume the worst. Roxy is... just a bear. A friendly bear.

My OC Sam, who is a human, is very nervous and afraid. She doesn't have many friends since she's too nervous to talk to many people. Her best friend is a teddy bear named Archie, who is able to move and speak because of the ghost that possesses him. Sam bought Archie at a store when she was five years old. Archie is very mellow and tries to help Sam to not be so nervous.

Rudy the rooster is from the south. He works in a coffee shop and plays the banjo for fun. His boyfriend, Cassidy the camel, is a sassy purple camel who cares a lot about his looks and fashion. Cassidy works in an expensive clothing store. The two boys live together in a nice apartment in a big city.

Stitch the harpy is wild and brash. She's obnoxious and rude, though she hardly ever talks. I wouldn't recommend trying to be her friend since she has a tendency to eat anything she can take down. Which is another aspect of her personality, she's incredibly short but must think shes ten feet tall, and gets into a lot of fights.

Guzzle the alien dog thing is fourty feet tall and likes to eat rocks. He's very cuddly, but due to his large size and scary appearance one would assume that the giant alien chasing you wants to eat you. Cosmos the bull is a daring and brave astronaut who flies through the galaxy exploring distant planets. ( and of course you can read my story about how these two met each other >w> please i beg you to read it)

And then of course there's George the ankylosaurus, who is a ten foot dinosaur who runs a flower shop. He's quiet and practically emotionless on the outside. He cares deeply for his friends, however, and is happy to be there for them, even if he doesn't smile to show it.
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Re: Tell Us About Your Characters!
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2017, 05:00:11 pm »
Kuro likes to talk big but can't live up to it. He's a little bit of a troublemaker and hopes others are scared of him. He's also pretty sassy.

Nat gets along well with others and likes to have fun. He jokes around a lot but deep down is very mellow and respectful. He plays his music loud because he doesn't care what others think of him.

Leaf is based on my human OC, so they're pretty much the same character. He hates any kind of social interaction and physical activity. Basically, if it requires energy, he's not gonna do it. He's really sleepy too, and certainly looks like it. Sometimes he can be a real jerk (honestly if he were real, I would probably hate him XD), but on the inside he's just shy and unsure how to talk to people.

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Re: Tell Us About Your Characters!
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2017, 07:35:35 pm »
Foxi Ravenheart is a black-and-white grim reaper catfox, with a demon side that she prefers to keep a secret. She's certifiably insane, and she can be quite a manipulative sadist, even though her demeanor is usually friendly. She absolutely hates sunlight or bright light of any kind, and will try to stay in the darkest area possible until night. When she does truly befriend someone, she's loyal and caring toward them, and actually a bit possessive. One of the most important things to her are her reaper duties, and she won't let anything get in the way of that at any cost.

Katsuro Shisen is an albino three-tailed demon kitsune. He's usually emotionless, but inside, he's extremely immature and mischievous. He has far more sanity than Foxi, but he's also a lot less friendly, and a lot more cold-hearted... or maybe even heartless. He would easily "befriend" someone just to betray them in the end and think nothing of it. He's quite selfish and uncaring, and he secretly loves pulling pranks on people.

Kyro Cloudwatcher is my original species, a kytsekeiru. She's immature and cheerful, and is rarely anything less than happy. She's blind, but she still has a way of making sure everything is cute enough for her taste. In a way, she's a sorceress of sorts, and she has a hidden badass side that she'll unleash when necessary. She's also pretty good with a sword, and has her own way of fighting despite her lack of sight. She has four angel-like wings, but both pairs are far too small to allow her to fly.

I'll add everyone else later xP
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Re: Tell Us About Your Characters!
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2017, 08:49:14 pm »
I only have one right now, since I'm pretty new to the fandom, but here I go anyways:
Flimsy is a lot like me, but instead what I would like to see in myself. He's very kind, social, and energetic. He loves playing video games, going outside to skateboard, bike, ski, etc. You could say anything to him, and he won't hold it against you.
He's my only character, but more should be coming soon, since I'm going to probably going to start typing some stories today.
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Re: Tell Us About Your Characters!
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2017, 09:33:06 pm »
Okay, here I go with the newest characters so far that I'm developing:

P.I.E (Perplex Intellectual Entity), an older Protogen model who was sent to mars for the purpose of relocation. Project 'P.I.E' was forgotten due to not enough financial support and too much human exposure. U.S goverment knows about the Protogen itself and some about the project. Attempts to contact the humans through a rover after like a decade. Accidentally links his call with humans on anthro-planet and fucks up bad. Tries to get sent back on Earth to negotiate with humans. Anthro goverment is pissed and is in conflict with humans yet humans don't even know anthros exist. U.S president constantly wants to be in peace but Anthro goverment still thinks humans never changed and every anthro hates humans.

Trip to Earth get's delayed and is stuck in Anthro-New York for a bit. Finds Zack and Mullet and crashes out in their apartment for a bit. Zack helps modernize the software on P.I.E and eventually falls in love. Finally get to Earth and practices first impressions on a deserted beach. Later kidnaps a human and tries to find the goverment. Legit try to disguise themselves as fursuiters. Fail horribly.

Basically Short Circuit but the furry version.

Okay then we got Zack, a modern Protogen. He's gay. He's half chicken. He's vegan. He really isn't that important but has a lot of background history. Apparently thinks he's a country boy and wants to live in the country. Never got the learn about his life before and is a little spiritual. Is always sexually confused and tries to sustain himself and his roommate with a low-ass income job. Is somewhat optimistic and tries to look for the good in the future (where spirituality comes in). Actually was built by the Anthro-goverment like every other Protogen but was given a fake life and cannot accept that he was never a country boy or had a family once he learns the truth from P.I.E

Kinda hated humans like any other anthro before but kept it in-Eventually tries to cope with the fact that Earth could be his only chance making a true identity.

Then there's Mullet. Not much is known about his history. Only had a mom but lived with his girlfriend who later dumped him. Got really shit-faced and was addicted to some drugs. Girlfriend claims he has psychosis from drug-use and is somewhat involved in his murder. Murder attempt fails after throwing him off a building and he looses some of his memory from a head concussion. Gets found by Zack and is rehabilitated. Zack tries to solve the case and tries to help Mullet. Thought he escaped from the hospital and later finds his ex. Tries to get some info about Mullet from the ex. Ex is really surprised and a little scared once she finds out Mullet is alive and well. Gives fake info to Zack and Zack runs in circles trying to figure out the truth. Eventually gives up at some point. Mullet accepts that he'll never find out the truth and lives his life in peace, while giving Zack support and friendship.

There's a lot more characters/adopts but here's the more recent ones.
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