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How to Get Yourself To Read?


Toastie ❤:
I have to read Ender's Game for my english assessment and I was supposed to start MONTHS ago. I personally hate sci-FI novels and don't even want to read the first page and usually, I read very slowly to catch detail...
I have a week or two to read the entire thing.

H E L P  M E

Divide the number of chapters (pages if there's no sorted chapters) by the number of days you have to read the book, and then force yourself to read that number of chapters/pages everyday no matter how long it takes. I can understand your situation, I picked up The Count of Monte Cristo for a book report once. Also, Ender's Game is a nice novel; The movie could never be the book.

Like Bluefox said decide on a number of pages to read per night. Make sure you get through them each day so you don't fall behind. Make sure your goals are realistic- don't expect to read 100 pages a day because if you set the goal to high then it's hard to reach it and you're more likely to give up


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