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Tail Commissions & Quotes!
« on: July 06, 2017, 04:18:52 pm »
Welcome to Amethyst Moon Creations! I'm a Fursuit Tail & Armsleve maker. I've been making tails & armlseves for about a year now. I've created a business that creates a affordable piece of your fursona. Tails, you don't grow out of, tails are good for all ages.

NOTE! I am not as active as i used to be on here. If I dont respond within 4 days, You can contact me via Furry Amino Or Gmail :3

Here are the prices below :D

Nub Tail Under 1 Foot

1 Color - $30

2 Colors - $45

Up to 10 Colors


Small Tail 1 ½ - 2 Feet

1 Color - $45

2 Colors - $70

Up to 15 Colors


Medium Tail 2 ½ - 3ft Feet

1 Color - $50

2 Colors - $75

Up to 20 Colors


Large Tail 3 ½ - 4 Feet

1 Color - $65

2 Colors - $90

Up to 20 Colors


Floor Dragger 4 ½ - 5 Feet

1 Color - $75

2 Colots - $100

Up to 25 Colors

:paw_prints: ARMSLEVE PRICES:paw_prints:
Nub Tail Under 1 Foot

1 Color - $50

2 Colors - $75

3 Colors - $100

4 Colors - $125

5 Colors - $150

6 Colors - $175

Up to 10 Colors

All Prices could be changes due to complexity. Some designs can be too complex for me and may not be able to done. I don't offer LED lights, Airbrushing, Foam Bases, or Wire Bounce Tails.

I have a few Terms of Service that I will need everyone to go over before commissioning :grinning:

Depending on where you live, and what size tail you commissioned. However, if you are commissioning a tail that is flexi (EX: Floor Dragger - skinny tail) tails are usally less then one pound. Rarely over that.



All Fursuit tails that are under $50, must be a upfront payment. I don’t start on tails until full payment is received. All payment plans are split up into a week or weeks. Commissions $50-$65 Have a 1 week payment plan. Commissions $66-$75 Have a 2 week payment plan. Commissions $76-$85 Have a 3 week payment plan. Commissions $86-$120 Have a 4 week payment plan. Commissions $121-$200+ Have a 5 week payment plan.

All Commissions that do not finish a payment plan will be terminated and not continued. I do have a right to be able to refuse service from you if you decide to harass, bully, or attempt to scam.

I only use two different types of payment methods. One being paypal which considered to be very safe and easy to use. The second payment method I use is snail mail, snail mail is used by mailing physical money, which can get lost in the mail. Which I am not responsible for the loss of your money in the mail.

Regarding other countries, my paypal only accepts USA transactions., This may be a problem, however i canNot fix it, which other countries must use snail mail if wanting to commission me. I can only accept US currency.

If you resell the tail, keep in mind that you may only sell it for the amount you paid or less for it. If I catch you doing this, I will give you ONLY 1 warning and then you may NOT sell it (Discluding giving it away for free).

All commissions that are ⅔ into the process, can not have pattern changes..

Commissions that are ⅔ into the process or finished are not refundable. All commissions that have not had fur received, I haven't started, or i'm only in the process of cutting the pieces can be refined by 20%.

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Re: Tail Commissions & Quotes!
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 12:02:16 am »
Hey!!! Its me, Amethyst!!!! i met u at Califur!!! how have you been!!?
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