Author Topic: My teacher's son died and im doing art for anyone who donates anything  (Read 84 times)

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Im not sure where to put this but
My teachers 7 year old son died ;n;
They dident have life insurance so the entire bill of the funaral lands on her and her husband who are raising two other children of my knowledge
I would really appercaite if you could donate anything at all <3
Ill do any art you would like
Just donate with a comment or just say in this thread that you did
Thank you
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That's really awful. Tell her I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm afraid I can't donate anything since I'm a minor, but I'm still really really sorry this happened ;-;
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I'm truly sorry I can't donate anything, but I am terribly sorry for her loss.
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I'm so sorry for her loss, I really I wish I could donate to assist with those expenses :'(
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ooof... sorry to hear this... I can't imagine what they're going through losing a child... like... that's just bad... (and sorry to necropost XP)

I hope they can pull through

I can't help but I send positive vibes to them.
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