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FTR Episode 11

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Hey guys!

Fresh off the press and this one is hot! We've got episode 11 now available for your listening pleasure!

This episode is once again hosted by I.S.A.C.! But it also features  Panda  Gaz  Proto  & Kipekee!

Should be a super fun episode and be sure to let us know your feedback so it can always continue to improve!
Episode 11


Bahari Maua:
Wait, how do we find the podcast? Is there a link? Sorry I'm clueless XD

EDIT: NVM there it is XDDD


You saw nothing.

Wow! That's cool. And you've all really nice voices. Also, Kipekee, your voice is really cute.

Good thing I wasn't in this one, I'd mess it up whoops-
Can we suggest people to go on? I'd love to hear Foxi or Blue 'v'


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