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Faithfull Von'Haselhain:
Ok, so most of y'all know that FTR is making a comeback, if not, you do now. :fox-:P:
And I'm pretty sure that many of you would love to be involved somehow, but many of you are also to shy to lend your voice to the podcast..
But there are other ways to be involved, so why not help in an equally important way? Lending your curiosity.
This thread is for any questions you want to be asked to the guests on air (so long as they are within the rules of the forum).
Now keep in mined that the guests will remain a mystery until the episode comes out, so these will be more broad questions.

What is the first pet you remember having, and your opinion on them?
If you have a fursuit, who made it? If not, do you want one, and from which maker?
Etc. Etc.

What is your favourite music artist?
(IDk if that's a valid question)

Faithfull Von'Haselhain:

--- Quote from: Pyra on August 02, 2017, 06:25:58 pm ---What is your favourite music artist?
(IDk if that's a valid question)

--- End quote ---
Yeah thats a valid question, don't worry.  :fox-:P:

Bahari Maua:
What's your worst/best moment in the fandom?

Do you have anything fandom-related you're looking forward to? (a fursuit, going to a con, meeting friends, etc.)


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