Author Topic: The astral and theories of what it is  (Read 251 times)

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The astral and theories of what it is
« on: August 09, 2017, 11:21:19 pm »
So here is a post on the astral I guess due to another thread, because why not eh something different I guess. Probs come off as a conspiracy theory

Some people think it is like a realm or a non physical place although there are views such as it being a spirit world or a dream.
I think the view I've come to see and agree with is the astral is an aspect of reality where the deeper parts of the mind creatively interact with however.. it is filled with thoughts forms people projected into it as people messed with in a way that it isn't meant to be and these thought forms weren't able to dissolve as they were able to keep on reinforcing themselves. These thought forms mixed with other phenomena can act like entities kind of like artificial intelligence seems to be alive or a virus possibly. However they are not really entities at but the harmful power of them can be real.

Archons in Gnosticism kind of have some resemblance to this phenomenon or even the Maya in Buddhism acting as a form of deceit. Other parts of what people think is the astral are often just illusions resulting from it rather than the astral itself.

It sounds all crazy so it may be hence I don't really talk about it lol but another thread prompted me to make this so I thought i'd explain my view as people often try to do astral related things. Uh I guess I can answer questions but i'm probably not in the mood to debate much even though I know people disagree, I just wanted this here for reasons. Disclaimer: this is a theory or more like a hypothesis as ofc none of this is really testable to much degree.
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