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FTR news: Bi-monthly schedule


Faithfull Von'Haselhain:
Hello everyone, you're probably wondering, or would be here soon, when this months FTR will come out.
Well sadly I wasn't able to find the time to record it, yet alone edit everything. (This month was super busy for me Irl)
So in light of this, there will be an Episode every two months, instead of one each month, save special occasions. At least until the ball gets rolling a bit more, and maybe we can get more people working on it.

So, there will be one next moth, and to those that where supposed to be on this months, I'll move you to this month if you're schedule allows for it.

 :pawheart: Thank you for your patience everyone, and have a splendid week. :pawheart:

If you should so desire I am pretty familiar with Audacity and audio editing so if you ever need help with the editing I'll be glad to lend a hand, you need only ask.  :fox-;):


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