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Part of what i've been working on..
« on: September 11, 2017, 04:26:32 am »
So this is the first chapter of the novel i've been working on for the past 5 years..
Not sure if it's good or complete shit..
If you want updates on the next few chapters PM me and i guess i'll pm you if i share more on here.
There is some gore and violence so beware..

The Razor Chronicles, chapter 1

"You say you are gods men? Maybe you are, but we are gods angels and we shall reap on the day of judgement."

I woke with a small gasp as the bus slid to a screeching halt. The same dream... the same goddamn dream. I would wake up in a hallway with a splitting migraine, I wouldn't remember where I am, only a vague idea of who I am, and that was becoming harder to grasp with each passing night. This time was different though, I still didn't know where I was but I knew without a doubt of myself, of vague recollections of memories leading me to this dark and mouldering hole. The bleak landscape beyond it's stained wall. The hall is lined with doors but this time she knew only one would open. The last. Seemingly kept through time, unstained from the putridity of the environment. I strode toward it, normally I would have woken upon touching the knob. I touched it, but didn't wake up, instead a flash of light nearly blinded me, I felt myself fly back, hitting the wall to my left and spinning to the ground, dusted sunlight raining down from the hole opened in the end of the hallway, hulking, deformed figures standing outlined in black against the sky. I woke up as one started to walk towards me, he seemed larger than the others, and moved with an effortless grace.

I started walking to the front once the door of the bus was opened. Pushing everyone else forward with me, I didn't want to wait any longer to get off. I cringed as the cold november winds wracked against me, easily blowing through the thin fabric of my shirt. I started walking briskly to the open doors of the school, my open jacket flapping uselessly in the wind and providing little to no warmth. I couldn't stop thinking about the dream... what could it mea-

"Taylor?" I spun around to see my friend, Emily, standing behind me, an alarm saturating her features, I walked back and stood next to her. "Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." She always worried about me, I don't know why, she always seems be the one getting in trouble, the worst part is that a lot of the time she gets in trouble because of me and her trying to cover my ass. I guess it's nice but I don't want her to always be afraid for me, always watching me making sure I don't get in trouble even if it puts her at risk.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine, don't worry" I shivered in the wind. "Let's head inside, at least it's warm in there." The cold rose the skin on my arms as I continued walking to the building, her trailing close behind, a worried look on her face, making it quite obvious that she didn't believe me.

We grabbed one of the programs that the smiling staff members were handing out on either side of the auditorium doors. 'WELCOME BACK FROM WINTER BREAK!!!' It proclaimed in a cheery font that even the least intelligent in the school would find idiotic. We sat in the back with the rest of the seniors, we couldn't help but laugh when we saw the freshman staring wide-eyed in awe around them. They had to sit in the front, everybody was supposed to watch the presentation but the older students were allowed to sit further back as they knew what it said already, thank god, if I had to spend another day looking up that old crone's hawk nose I would scream.

"This seat taken?" A deep voice asked next to me, I looked up to see Gale, one of my friends, looking down at me. His black hair unkempt and his eyes, grey, having deep bags set under them, it seemed he hadn't slept much over the week but he never did. We try to tell him to but he doesn't listen, he does things his own way, whatever we say. He sat down without hearing my answer, knowing it by my silence. We both looked over at once to see Emily's boyfriend, Derek sit next to her, her smiling up at him like a god, Gale snorted. "How can a couple work that way? He does whatever he wants, hurting her however he wants and she still smiles up at him that way."

"I don't know..." I say after a few moments, I had thought the same thing for a long time though had never said it, she knew that Em adored him even if he was a piece of shit. "But I think she'll eventually figure it out, I hope she does." We jumped when we heard interference coming from the amplifiers on the stage, the principal of the school, Mrs. Haldern looking down at the crown along the length of that hawksbill nose of hers.

"Attention please, we can begin when you're all quiet and listening." She paused a few moments, it only ever took a few moments with her. "I hope you all had a wonderful winter break, I know I did, finally a little relaxation. She laughed raspily then, her voice having been ruined by too many cigarettes. "But as you know, you have been through this assembly once already in the beginning of the year, we live only seven point one three miles from the nearest nuclear power plant. As such we are required to have a plan in the case of a nuclear meltdown. There is no need to be alarmed as the risk of this is little to nil, but there are those one in a million cases." She paused again for dramatic effect. "The plan we have is called the Nuclear Disaster Evacuation Plan, or NDEP for short. It states that in the event of a nuclear disaster we will remain indoors until all of the buses get to the school, we will load onto these buses in an orderly manner and drive to Wausau, northwest one-hundred, seventeen miles from here. There we will be examined and treated for any radiation poisoning or other ailments possible from this disaster, including but not likely, burns, gangrene, blindness, and cells being disfigured into those of the cancerous variety.

"These are all possible, though they are very, very unlikely." She paused again, taking a deep breath. "Once we have all been examined and treated according to medical procedure your parents and family members will be expected to come get you, if they have not come in the first two weeks after the disaster we will be forced to turn you over to social services who will either find your parents, or in the case of their deaths will give you to the nearest orphanage or if you are old enough will provide you with a job and a home of your own. Remember though, this event is highly unlikely, and if it ever does happen, it is likely to be a minor event with very few casualties. On a lighter note though, when you get into the commons pick up your schedules and head to class! I wish you a wonderful end of semester."

This is where they bade us leave, the crone staring daggers at everyone in spite of her smiling face, she had a peculiar talent of making everyone feel like she's her friend even whilst she plans how to screw them over, only her pets got spared. And even then they were sometimes on fire. We walked quickly to the commons with our heads low, trying to cut through the crowd as quick as we could. When we got there we went straight to the tables with the initials of our last name, mine being C and his, S. I came back over to him when I had mine, we compared and saw we had two classes together, 1st and 5th.

"Fuck, we have Doehl fifth." He said through a grimace, a perfect expression for this specific teacher. His name was pronounced "dull". I believe I have made the reason of our distaste in him quite obvious in that sentence.

"Well, at least we have Phoebe first," I said casually. She was our art teacher, she was younger and she acted more like a human over a machine than the other teachers in the school. We walked to class with no problems, it seemed everyone else was still waiting for friends to compare schedules or go to class with. When we got in she came up and gave us both a huge hug, to say she looked eccentric wouldn't be far off the mark, she looked like some sort of oracle, bangles littering her black wrists and arms. Her wide-rimmed glasses making her eyes look twice as big as they were. Her blond hair falling to mid-waist with shawls wrapped around her shoulders. She asked us how our break was, Gale and I just shrugged and told her it was ok. She told us that the first day was just free time and we sat in the back of the class and played with our phones.


Mr. Doehl's class..(pronounced 'dull') I knew I was in trouble at "We will metacognate subjective best practices in authentic, real-world scenarios." Gale was making gagging motions in the back of the class to the teacher's monotonous droning. The sounds of the vents shuddering in the ceiling. I don't even remember what he was talking about, something about how we will revolutionize the learning process this semester. He drew charts all across the whiteboard, schedules and who-knows-what-else. Miraculously keeping the same tone of voice throughout his entire lesson until eventually my eyes started to feel heavy, I believe I fell asleep but the next thing I remember is him saying my voice loudly, then bringing his hand down on my table, but when his hand hit the table the whole room shook, a jolt, like a wave of pure sound.

That's when the shaking started, I looked up at him bug-eyed, he looked around shocked, staring at his hand in an almost comic manner. Then we heard a rattling sound, everyone looked around confused. Then another jolt, and more rattling. Some dove under their tables, A few others and I just sat there, seemingly paralyzed by the events. Then everything went to hell, I looked out the window, we were on the third floor so I could see quite far, at the nuclear reactor along the coast of the lake. Everything on our side seemed to stand still, over there, the ground seemed to ripple, shearing apart in a long crack not far from the reactor, I watched as the reactor flashed, a fireball erupting from it as it collapsed in on itself, the sound of it came late, it seemed like an infinite amount of time but it only took about thirty seconds based on how far it had to travel.

A cloud of dust came up after the fireball dissipated, and just as it rose the first little bit into the air, the rippling of the ground hit us, shaking the school to its very core. It all seemed to move in slow motion, the ceiling tiles falling loose of their holdings. A beam from the ceiling coming down and crushing the teacher that I hated yet knew so well. His blood flying through the air splattering against the light blue of my shirt, so dark, so warm. Gale rushing toward me with his hand stretched out, the ceiling coming down with one final groan to accompany the ear-splitting chorus of screams around me. Then black, nothingness in its purest form. The last I saw, Gale, his face covered in white dust from the ceiling, he looked dead, I thought it fitting, after all, he may have been in only a few seconds. Him yelling for me to move, I tried, I tried to pry myself up from that chair, a scream erupting from me that I later realized to be my own as I pushed up, only to meet the blackness so thoroughly seared into my memory. I will never forget that darkness. Maybe if it hadn't taken me I wouldn't be where I am.
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