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hi !!

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hello !! i'm issy, but i would like to be known in the furry fandom as "jazzy," my fursona's name.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

My Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Writing, Drawing And Reading.

Birthday: 9/10

Favorite Genre Of Music: Pop And Electro!

Favorite Genre Of Books: Realistic Fiction Novels And Graphic Novels.

Favorite Animal: Cats, Dogs and Horses. (Wow. I sound cliche.)

i probably sound like the most boring person out there, don't i? i'm probably not. and if you think i am. that's okay, i really don't care haha. I hope to be talking to some of you guys soon!  :pawheart:

Raven Foxx:
Hi Jazzy! Happy belated birthday!

Nova ♪:
Hey there, welcome! Any particular kind of jungle cat, or are you just a generic sort of jungle cat? ^^

Either way, you don't sound boring! Hope you enjoy it around here  :pawheart:

Hey Jazzy, welcome to FT! You're not boring at all!Who's your favorite music artist?

kitkat: i really love the band: glass animals !!

oh, i guess i have to respond to all of you at once or something? im new to this website and i trying to understand how to use it lol.

hello raven foxx !! thanks sm. <3

hi red velvet !! the jungle cat is a species. also known as a reed cat or swamp cat. :3 thank you !! you're so nice.


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