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Re: Names out of Character
« Reply #20 on: October 03, 2017, 02:33:49 pm »
Hmmm, I mostly go by RV in the furry community I suppose! I also get Red, and often Red Velvet, and Fran and Franny. Online, my usernames are all some form of SenseiMac, which stemmed from and old friend saying I was the drawing 'sensei' (which, oh my, how terribly narcissistic of me lol) so it stuck forever.

As for my real name, people mostly call me Mac or Mackenzie. Some people called me Macki for a while which was kinda weird lmao. Mac is ok, but it feels kinda masculine to me so I feel a little insecure when ppl use it, I guess? Also when people say Big Mac it makes me feel shitty so pls don't ever

On some virtual pet adopt sites, I go by Feather-Dragon!

I honestly don't care what ppl call me though, as long as I respond to it lol
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