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Please don't let this title be cliche, You Probably don't Remember Me

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Here's your first clue I guess? Afrodens --> Azkre

It's me!
Hi, I'm back I guess, but not really?
This used to be my favourite site ever and I knew and liked a lot of you around here, but it's been about 2 years now?
And, over one year for others since I just sort of dropped off the face of the planet..
Luckly, that isn't a literal metaphor.

If you've been wondering where I've been and where I've gone and stuff, or just what the hekcie ever happened to this person that was just kinda there when you think back on it, well that's what this post is for, partially.
So, I did come back briefly to tell about how I'm not going to be on this site anymore, at least too much.
I basically moved to, and my main site is on Tumblr now! For those of you who knew me and still care? or just like anyone else interested, that's where you can find me. https://azkre.tumblr.com/
I post all of my art there now, and just all sorts of stuff, and just stuff about me.

Now, maybe this is a little weird or bad to put here in a "introduction post", but suicide tw while I talk about what's going on.
I've been going through a very hard time, and I did push a lot of people away too-- for the past couple of years, some of which on here, I came to terms with a lot of stuff about me, like my gender, and then later having depression, anxiety, and trauma.
I've been suicidal a few times, and this last year was probably the worst, and this year doesn't seem too good either, lol.
So, long story short, I'm trying to go to university in Canada to sort of start over on hopefully the rest of my life, and finally build the support system I've needed all my life and never had, and finally start recovery.
I'm sorry if this is bad of me (which it totally is), but I'm kind of coming back here because I need help-- sort of going back to any semblance or source of support I can get...
University is expensive and I've already had to defer my enrollment to next year-- I'm just really worried and concerned that even still I won't be able to have enough to go at the end of this year and that-- I don't know what's going to happen.
Anyway, sob story, check, now links.
If you want to support me or whatever, I'm taking commissions now, you can find info here: https://azkre.tumblr.com/commission-info
I also made a patreon recently, lots of stuff there and some rewards: https://www.patreon.com/azkre
Also, on Redbubble, there's some super cool merch of my art you can get! https://www.redbubble.com/people/azkre
You can donate at paypal.me/Azkre (sorry for the dead name qq)
And I livestream video games and stuff here at https://twitch.tv/azkre if you want to show support there or you're just interested I guess~

Uuugh, sorry.
Idk if I'll still be on here much, like this isn't my main site anymore, but I guess I'll probably post art occasionally~
Anyway, lots of love. <3

Ye i remember u a lil bit from the occasional post XP
Sowwy to hear what you been going through though :/ I hope you can strive to get what you want and things get better

I remember you!! I used to be Ziggy, awkward rage, etc.
I wondered where you went!
Glad to see you back!

Hi, it's nice to have you back.
I looked over your "recent" posts and you seem familiar. c;

Hi, welcome back!  :rose:
Interestingly enough I was looking through an old thread a few days ago and just happened to click on your tumblr link. What a coincidence, lol.


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