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TF2 and Jungle Inferno
« on: October 29, 2017, 03:36:46 pm »
So, any Team Fortress Two players out there? (for those who don't know what it is/don't play, its a class based first person shooter online, it's like Overwatch but free and much older)

Well, if so.... how about the newest update? It's been out a couple weeks now, been enough time to explore it, try out the new weapons (new weapons! Finally Valve) see the new fixes they added, see the patches that fixed all the stuff that got broken (like that gunboats glitch and the *cough cough* dalokahs bar glitch) and see the features like weapon skins spread.

Personally, overall... I'm kinda iffy on the update. I like the new maps, and the weapon skins are a cool idea (even if most of the skinned weapons I have seen looked... terrible) and a couple of the new weapons are cool. I mean, I'm alright with the jetpack, it was well balanced even if it makes flanking pyros even more stupidly prevalent, and the hot hand is amusing as hell, but....

The new flamethrower.

Gods. I hate that thing. The dragon's fury has to be, in my opinion, the most overpowered thing made. Seriously, it can kill most classes in three shots, and it shoots even faster if you hit your shots. Not to mention I'm pretty sure it has a longer range then most flamethrowers, or at least in game it always seems that way.

And the weapon buffs/nerfs. Mantreads was great, I love that its useful now, and the spy nerfs were long overdue, but nerfing the base jumper? It didn't see enough use as it was, now no one is going to use that weapon! And lets talk about sandman and meatcleaver.... I mean, I guess the meatcleaver is still.... okay, but, the sandman?

It's dead. They killed it.

But that's just me, I want to know what everyone else has been thinking of it so far, between the contract hell (I really hate these contracts) to thoughts on fixes, maps, and weapons. What do you guys think of it!

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Re: TF2 and Jungle Inferno
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2017, 04:03:21 pm »
I'm loving the update so far. Much better than some of the other ones we've had in recent (read: actually not very recent) times.

I think all of the balance changes were good though a few items weren't changed that might have deserved to be. I'd have very much liked to see a buff on the Axtinguisher, for instance.

New weapons seem mostly balanced, and I think a lot of the backlash on Dragon's Fury is due to people not being used to it: Pyro hasn't really been much of a threat, especially at medium distances, in previous times, largely due to them not being very good, so people put themselves in situations where they would have previously been safe, but can now be killed very, very easily. I think Second Banana is underrated, since generally the Sandvich won't be healing much more than 200 hp anyway, and 10 second charge is a lot, lot better than 30.

Maps are fun, mostly, Mercenary Park I find to be underwhelming: almost every game I've played in it has been a steamroll until last, at which point my entire team throws themselves at the chokepoint unceasingly while getting spammed down again and again and again.

I think it's important to note, too, that though the BASE Jumper didn't seem overpowered, that was largely due to the fact that it's hard to abuse. A skilled player with the BASE Jumper could become a massive pain to hit due to the unpredictable movement and air control it gave you, which made it a pretty problematic item in competitive, while in pubs it was rarely used.

Overall, it's been a nice update, though it would have been nice if it didn't take a year to make.
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