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thoughts on mario odyssey
« on: November 15, 2017, 12:25:50 am »
so, im almost done with super mario odyssey! im stuck on the final fight with bowser right now, but that doesnt matter too much because i do have some thoughts on it. feel free to take my opinions with a grain of salt though.

i'm not really that into mario to start off. i have nothing against it, but ive always been more of a pokemon and animal crossing person. that said, it's been really fun.

the controls felt great. the only thing i didnt like that much was the motion controll moves, but thats just me not liking motion controls in general. it was all very smooth and felt natural. controlling different creatures was a lot of fun, especially those stretchy dudes and those birds with pokey beaks. it all felt very creative.

i really loved all the kingdoms. my favorite was the luncheon kingdom with its fun bright colors. i swear there were moments in that kingdom where i just wanted to take a bite of it. i'd imagine it would taste a bit like gushers. anyways.

i guess my only complaint is that it just felt so short? of course there was a ton to do but as someone just kinda going through the story, getting only a few moons above the minimum on my first visit every time, by the time i got to the moon i was just like... "already?????" but i guess that does speak to how much i was enjoying it.

the boss fights were a bit easier than i expected. the big lightning dragon and bowser were the only ones that really gave me trouble.

i thought all the oufits were really neat. also mario could be naked so thats something.

speaking of outfits bowser was fabulous in this game??? like his hair and suit. 10/10. enchanting.

anyways id say- pretty dank game 8.7/10

i dont love it as much as like splatoon 2 or botw or anything but its Very Good

what do you guys think about it????
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