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This is going to be kind of a universal post for people to discuss the campaign we are currently doing, if you are a DnD player! or someone whom is interested in DnD, feel free to post here too! If you want to join in we have plenty spots left! I am a good GM to teach players how to play, and I'm very relaxed so I will gladly teach you how to play! My campaigns tend to be very low stress "Do what you want" Affairs so it's all about having fun!

Now with that out of the way

The Setting
The cart ride has been rough, very rough. Rickety unpaved roads, and a silence from the other passengers so thick you could cut it with a knife. This tensions was only amplified by a kind of odd look captured in every passengers eyes. A look of greed, a look of intrigue, a look of excitement. All people in this cart were heading to the same destination and weren't going to be dissuaded in any way shape or form.  The legendary city continent, Kastoma, a city so massive in scope and size that it's borders stretch to the very horizon of the continent. It is divided into many different sections, so many that unless you live there you wouldn't even begin to fathom how many, and even then you would be hard pressed to name them all. The cart you are on came from a small ferry, this ferry came from a land far off. For whatever reason, you chose to be here, to head to this city, to seek your fortune. Many come to this city to seek out fame and glory, only to be destitute and living in it's streets. Your reasons are your own for coming here, be it to escape the troubles of your home life, or maybe you are hungry for fame? Either way, the driver of the cart signals you will be reaching the city soon, and that you should prepare your things. You will soon be arriving at the city, and from their your adventure begins.

Story so far
Nothing has happened, but this will be updated every session to inform new comers to what is going on.
The players are in the cart and preparing for an adventure!

Character Bios and other such things soon!