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Cuphead: Review and Summary
« on: December 03, 2017, 09:05:47 am »
Its a somewhat recent game, came out in September from what I remember, however it's been a work in progress for many years. But anyways what do you all think of it? (I hope no one already did one about this because I really wanted to do it x3, I did a quick search with no results so I hope i'm safe)


Now the story is pretty simple, Cuphead and Mugman (the two main characters) wander away from home and stumble upon Devil's Casino where they gamble and win every single time until the Devil shows up and makes a deal that if they win, they get all his treasures, but if they lose, he gets their souls. Of course they lose and become the devils slaves, however they came to a compromise where if Cuphead and Mugman got the Devil the souls of all his debtors (The bosses) then they will be set free. Later in the story they get the idea of actually fighting the devil himself to get their freedom, you'll have to find out how that goes. ANYWAYS, its review time.

Personally I find the game to be amazing, all the awesome graphics aside for now, it really is a good game if you like to continually fight bosses. At first I was very annoyed and quickly became bored of the game as it felt very repetitive, but once I got into it, it really is a wonderful game. Defeating bosses feels so good because it is impossible to do it on the first try, and so far ive only raged once at the game. I give it a 9.5/10 (Good work StudioMDHR).

Boss battle (Pirate from W3)

(The pirate was very difficult, but also my favorite one to beat so far, I actually managed to get an A rating)

Besides all the bosses there are run and guns which are basically 2D platformers

Run and gun

Now these aren't any easier than the bosses, however there is an extra thing you can do in order to get the best rank in the game which doing it as a pacifist (basically make it through the entire level without killing a single enemy) which I personally can tell you is very difficult to do as I have only done it once, but Im about to do it again.

With the game there are so many bosses and they honestly get more annoying and more difficult very quickly, but I do enjoy the game very much. It brings back the good old "impossible" games from the 1990s where only skilled players could beat it. But for those of you not willing to put in the extra effort, there is a "Simple" mode for ya. The thing is you can't actually beat the game if you do it on simple mode, but it lets you progress so theres that. Now even with the difficulty of the game there is one more extra thing you can do to make it harder on yourself, getting an A and above rating on all the bosses, which involves at minimum getting hit ONCE, parrying at least 3 attacks, filling your super meter, and basic skill rating.


Finally the graphics, this is what made the game stand out from everything else, I dont know how old things suddenly spark a new interest with them, but it worked very well with this game. I guess it is what they say, old is new. The Cuphead style is based off the 1930s animation which were all completely hand drawn, even Cuphead followed this pattern, every character, enemy, and everything else in the game is completely hand drawn. They also fit rubber hose animation into it which I love so much, it brings a wonderful feel to the game, as if you're watching some sort of old cartoon, and me being an animation fan (I know quite a few things about old animation methods and how it began) it just really feels amazing. I respect it completely as I know how long it takes to create hand drawn animations. I give the graphics a 11/10.

Well I guess thats all I have to say x3 Thanks for taking the time to read this review

(Mugman will always be my favorite)
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