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Linx the Crazy Wolf:
Any metalhead furs out there who wanna share some of their favorite bands, subgenres, songs, etc? Anything is acceptable of course as long as it's metal. Level of brutality doesn't matter either.

I like to listen to some Green Jello or Suicidal Angels every now and then  8)

Linx the Crazy Wolf:
Well Green Jelly is certainly an interesting one XD

I really enjoy most flavors of metal, I'll list of some of my favorite artists per flavor.

Death - grailknights, quo vadis, demon hunter
Power - dragonforce, helloween
Metalcore - underoath, prayer for cleansing
Black - alcest, austere
Heavy - prototype, bullet for my valentine

Unfortunately I prefer specific albums instead of entire discographies.

Been a metalhead as long as I can remember. my favorite bands by genre are:

Heavy: Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate
Thrash: Anthrax, Death Angel
Death: Amon Amarth
Black: Immortal, Wolves in the Throne Room
Power: Sabaton (my favorite band overall), Helloween
Doom: Saint Vitus, Sunn O)))
Crossover: Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan


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