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Help with German word order
« on: December 13, 2017, 02:09:53 pm »
I have trouble with the order of adjectives and where to put verbs in subordinating clauses. Also, What even counts as a subordinating clause? It's so confusing :???:.
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FT's deutschsprachiger Vielfraß!

Seriously, wolverines are super uncommon fursonas.

German thingy of the day:
Did you know that the German word for girl is neuter? The word is Mädchen. Let's break it apart. -chen is the diminutive(little) suffix, which automatically makes it neuter. Mäd is not a word (mädchen is a really old word that fossilized), but it derives from magd, which mean ... maid. Little maid. Ouch. But wait! When Magdchen (mädchen) became a word, Magd meant girl. So when it came about, Mädchen meant little girl. It became one morphological unit and now it just means girl. It's actually cognates with maiden!