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Car suggestions?
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:34:59 am »
(I'm not sure where to put this thread.)

So recently I got a 2016 Dodge Charger, which I installed a spotlight and push bar, like what police use. Does anyone have any suggestions what I could add to the Charger? I am planning on installing hidden police lights, but only for decoration, not to pull people over/impersonate police (since that is a felony). I have a laptop holder with my personal laptop in it like the police cars.

(This is NOT my car, but looks similar to it (if you remove the light bar on top, it will look EXACTLY like mine))

Again, NOT my car, this is the interior of a police 2012 Dodge Charger, but I have my laptop placed like this:

As for the light pattern, this is what I plan on doing:

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