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Links Awakening:
« on: February 21, 2018, 02:15:35 pm »
I saw my 3ds and how I wasn't really using it. I had this game on it and started playing it.

It's my first Zelda game (yeah I know... I'm 17 XD) but it was a lot of fun to play it. I did need a walkthrough guide to help with a few parts of it but I really liked exploring the island and solving the dungeons.

And then after slowly playing it over a year I finished it a few days ago. And the ending kinda broke me [spoilers possibly ahead]

I loved the sweet romance story between link and marin. Seeing it all dissapear really was kinda emotional. I worked hard to collect those instruments and hear the Ballad of the Windfish in full which was really awesome and that song is so feels inducing...

But it made me a bit sad to watch it all kinda dissapear. And then I thought about how clever that was. Despite attachments you still go through to do what's right, after all none of them were real.

And then there were those seagulls... did you have to remind me about that ... (sucker punch to the feels)

Anyways... I really liked Links Awakening and hope to play some more zelda games. Especially for 3ds since that's the only current console I have that can play nintendo games and i don't have much time to play games (aka portable is a must XD)

Anyone else have thoughts on this game?
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