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Fallev Jackal:
I couldn't find any past threads about *Favorite* fursuits/fursuiters so I decided I should make one.

If you have a favorite (or just general suite you like) Fursuiter or Fursuit you have seen on the Internet, talk about or post a picture of them/it.
:lol-fox: :fox-:): :fox-:P: :fox-:): :lol-fox: :fox-:): :fox-:P: :fox-:): :lol-fox:

Heres Crash The dog!

Acco Grayfox:
I'll immediately nominate Amran:

And the guy behind the suit is loveable and crazy. :D

Too many suits I adore  :lol-fox:

I usually pay less attention to the suits themselves, and more to what they do.
As such, my current favorites are Yappy Sly Fox (quite standard red fox costume, so no pic) and "The Gargoyle That Is Afraid Of Heights" (Couldn't find him, so no pic there either, though I actually liked his costume)

Must say I like the fur on Amran. Might be the angle, as I rarely see fursuits from close-up and above at the same time, but it seems to be more realistic than most fur-coats (not so much in favor of the head, but I guess it has to actually fit a human head sorta comfortably)

Now you make me wish my fursuit comes earlier in again. I have to wait till december  :sad-fox:


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