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In looking for new potential staff members, the qualifications are pretty simple and straightforward. We don't ask for a huge commitment or even a complete overhaul of who you are, but we do ask that you possess the following traits.

You must:
  • Be able to communicate with both fellow staff members and FT members in a clear, well-written manner.
  • Be reliable enough to make sweeps of your designated boards frequently.
  • Have good decision making skills to know if something is breaking a rule.
  • Know the site's rules and be in good standing with each of them.
  • Be fairly active within the community.
  • Must plan to be a future active member.
  • Be able to follow a staff Code of Conduct.
  • Agree to represent FT both on-site and off-site.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Want to help grow and better the site.
  • Understand the site’s mission and requirement to remain a safe space for minority groups.

Moderator candidates must be level-headed and capable of maintaining a calm, professional demeanor at all times, even when things get heated.  Moderation can't be performed against a thread/post just because you don't like it or because it upset you, it has to violate the site rules somehow.  Someone who's prone to engaging in flame wars or has a history of aggression is probably not the sort we're looking for.  And, a position of authority requires one to have a certain level of maturity; we don't have a minimum age requirement for moderator positions, but we do read the posting histories of potential candidates (including their deleted posts) to see if they're mature enough to handle the job.

The responsibilities of a moderator can best be summed up by this:
A moderator must exercise their judgement to enforce the rules and guidelines of the site, and maintain the positive atmosphere of Furry Teens.

Additionally, all staff members are expected to do the following:
  • Be an active member of the site while a moderator, and keep other staff informed when the staff member must take a leave of absence or resign.
  • Vote in all official polls announced in the Staff board.  They typically run for a week.
  • Actively participate in the staff board discussions.
  • Maintain a strong level of professionalism when posting on the site.
  • Keep all non-public information strictly confidential, including all staff-only discussions, details of disciplinary actions, and users' personal information, among other things.

Technical responsibilities: delete/edit posts, merge threads, Report posts that are outside of your designated are. Assisting users one-on-one through PM.

Aside from "being a moderator", there are benefits to a staff position on FT.  And because of the way our permission system is set up, all of them still apply even if you resign, as long as you're still a member in good standing.
  • Unlimited PMs.
  • Access to all Staff sections of the site.
  • Access to the Moderation Center, which contains a number of tools for moderators, as well as things like moderation logs.
  • Access to the official staff Skype chatroom.
  • Free email accounts using the and domain names (among others we may acquire in the future).
  • Direct input on the runnings of the site, most decisions are made democratically among all staff.
  • Future benefits as we add new features to the site; we love our moderators, and all new site components will reflect that!

Available Positions, and Application Process
All new staff members start out as Board Moderators for a few boards, and move up from there.  This gives our new staffers time to get a feel for how to do the job before moving to more senior positions.
The application process works something like this:
  • Send your application to an administrator via private message. There are no strict requirements about what to include--most people just explain why they want to be a moderator, and how well they meet all the qualifications. You may not receive a reply immediately, we'll contact you when there are status updates.
  • The administrators will review your application, and perform an initial background check.  Applications can be administratively vetoed at this point, but only for a concrete reason.
  • Your application will be put up for discussion by all staff members (including non-active staff members in good standing, who don’t usually vote, but they technically could). Your public off-site activity may be looked at and/or discussed during this point. Applications can be rejected during this discussion if an apparent majority of staffers object to the application.  A poll is used to take a vote (with users able to change their vote as discussion happens)..
  • If the application receives preliminary approval, you'll be contacted with a list of available boards to choose from.  You'll be asked to rank your boards by order of preference, and only the top 2-3 boards (usually out of 4-5) will be assigned to you.
  • An official election poll will be started for staff to vote in.  The votes will determine which boards you're assigned to, and while your preferences are taken into consideration, it ultimately comes down to which boards a majority of staff members feel you're best suited to moderate.
  • Once the poll ends, you are now an officially elected moderator of FT.

Above all, the most important qualification is care for FT’s community, and the desire to keep it a safe and welcoming space. Less than half this job is the technical responsibilities--a majority is participating in the behind-the-scenes discussions, determining correct courses of action, offering help when needed, and working hard to maintain the community. Yes we are a smaller site, but the nature of the site means we have just as much work to do. FT is a home for a lot of members, and we need to do our best to keep it running smoothly.

If you feel like you posses these traits and would like to apply for a position on staff, please contact an Administrator with your application. We love getting new applications and would love to see new people apply!
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