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What do you prefer, hot weather or cold weather?

I'm used to cold weather, and I prefer it because it's easy to bundle up and get warmer. I hate hot weather. It's too hot right now.

I prefer hot weather because I get cold extremely easily. If it's under 90 degrees or something like that, I'm freezing. And even in 90 degree weather I'm still cold.  :sad-fox:

Cold. Down to twenty you'll still see me in jeans and a T-Shirt.

Neither, really. Coldness is more practical, cause it's often easier to stay warm in cold weather than it is to stay cool in hot weather. And if you have no more blankets to throw off your bed then it's a problem. But as long as it doesn't get that warm, I prefer warm.

I favour hot weather during the day...I'm actually perfectly comfortable when it's 100 d farenheit over here. I love it!

I like the cold at night though...cuddling for warmth can be good. ;3


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