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A glass of chocolate milk
« on: September 10, 2019, 03:54:29 pm »
A Glass of Chocolate Milk

The universe has never, in the past nor future, been in immediate danger. A person can dream what they will about what they want, but soon those thoughts will never be remembered, an infinite amount of time can erase even the darkest of lines. However, those two concepts are remotely related, the universe and the thoughts of man are simply what they are. Soon to be forgotten after the passing of an exponential amount of time. However, you should never give too much thought to one idea, just like how Milk can be name or a rather delicious beverage. I don’t remember how the name came to be but it simply became and it was.
Now this isn’t supposed to make very much sense, like the rather prestigious Institution of Maryland. No one quite knows where the mythical land lies, which is why I sent myself to find it, and who would guess, it actually is in Maryland! The institution means nothing to me, however it happens to be the exact perfect conditions for ripping holes in time, not that I do that. But if I were to have done it, I would proudly boasted of how successful it was. No one alive could do it better than me, even if I knew how to do it. Not that I would ever tell anyone if I did it or not.
 I looked across the Institute watching the peeling paint fall off the walls like green snow, and then watching anyone who passed by walk into those flakes while giving me strange looks. Those then would continue on with their path shaking their head while they unknowingly dragged years worth of paint across the marmoleum floor. Each time a person would pass by, another set of green footprints would track across the hall until the manager at room 378 would come out and yell at them for ruining such a beautiful floor. She would then confiscate their shoes and jacket, using their jacket as a rag to clean the floor, and taking their shoes in order to prevent any further messes. A couple doors down the hall from there another group of people sat, those who had all lost their shoes and coats due to the peeling paint.
Suddenly an idea came to me, what if I were to start a case against the Institute of Maryland for unintentional lead poisoning due to the extremely old coating of paint reaching the lungs of all those that passed by. This thought filled me with excitement, it was absolutely the best thing since stairs. I quickly fumbled open my handbook which was completely covered with notes and not to mention, also all in my memory, from the type of paper to the number of periods.
I flipped to my favorite part of the book, the rules. There was nothing better than knowing the rules by heart simply to find every single loophole to exploit. Pushing rules to limits as it were called, drives people absolutely insane. After locating the page of legal notes (which happened to be written in the smallest font possible) the only thing I found against my plot.. Er, I mean plan, was a mention of simply being enrolled at the Institute instantly put you into agreement upon every single thing they had in this 12 inch book. However that wasn’t a problem for me as I simply wasn’t enrolled in the Institute of Maryland. It’s all very complicated which I shall not bother explaining.
I closed the book and stashed it away, then quickly headed directly for the main office. I had the entire facility memorized from countless hours of breaking into the building at night to get a drink of water from the storage room located in the lowest part of the administrator building. The main office was located across from the student housings, it had the perfect vantage point over the entire campus, except I had mapped out all the blind spots from every possible angle inside the main office’s window. I took the quickest route to the main office, making sure not to be seen, not that it mattered whether I was spotted or not.
After reaching the front door, there happened to be one of those old giant spinning chairs which had fallen on its back at the top of the stairs. I picked it up and brought it inside, then set it to have a direct path to the elevator, the plan was to activate the elevator then ride the chair directly into the doors right as it closed. This would provide me with a few minutes of confusion and a total avoision of the staff that waited at the desk.
I did a few more adjustments on the chair before finally settling into the wonderfully made leather paddings. Then with a simple push of my foot, sent the chair flying across the lobby and into the elevator which had been activated from what seemed to be the assistant head of the institute. He was spun in circles from the great velocity that the chair had brought, then frankly lost balance. The doors began to shut just as he began to stand up, I gave him a short wave then continued to the third floor sitting in my newly found chair.
I stood outside the main office doors taking a deep breath, then sitting back on my chair, I rolled it into the center of the room facing backwards so that I couldn’t be seen. I lowered my voice then spoke.
“I’ve been expecting you, chairman…” I paused for a bit before continuing. “This place is rather nice isn’t it?”
It was at this point that I had planned to turn around in the chair to reveal myself, but the chairman himself had quietly gotten up from his desk and forcibly grabbed the chair from the back and turned it so that I was directly looking at him in the eyes.
“O-oh! Hey there.. What nice eyes you have sir!” I gave him a short sheepish smile.
“What are you doing here, Milk?”
His voice had no emotion, nor did his face. I picked up his nonverbals and decided to match it.
   “Oh you know sir, the norm. Spending years worth of college savings in seconds, wasting hours of my life reading bo-” He quickly cut me off with a glare that I swear could cut the Empire State building in half 20 times over.
   “You aren’t even enrolled in this school now are you?”
   “Of.. course I am! W-why wouldn’t I be enrolled here? What would make you think that? Also if I weren’t enrolled here…” I paused for a second bringing up the suspense, “Then why am I here?” I leaned forward grinning, checkmate.
   He let out a very deep sigh and shook his head. This was followed by a long moment of silence before the chairman began to speak again.
   “I’m going to have to ask you to leave my office, and not only that, but the entire campus.”
   He turned around making sure to receive nods of approval from the rest of the staff, who unfortunately had been there long enough to watch the entire thing unfold.
   “Oh but sir, you are forgetting something!” I smiled and waited for a response, expecting him to ask about what he was forgetting. He stared at me and slowly began to open his mouth, that seemed like the perfect moment to continue.
   “Now of course you may be wondering, how could the chairman of the Institute of Maryland be forgetting anything, you would think that you are completely uncapab-”
   “That was not what I wa-”
   “-ble of forgetting anything, being a chairma-”
   “Milk, I-”
   “-n and all. So you must be completely mistif-”
   These series of interruptions were suddenly interrupted by the chairman instantly rising to his feet and not only to his feet but also on top of his chair in order to give himself a taller appearance. One of the staff members came, instantly recognizing the notion and quickly activated the pneumatic lever on the bottom of the chair he was standing on. The chair slowly rose a couple more inches, bringing the chairman to a staggering total height of 7 feet. Everyone in the room watched in awe of this amazing feat. I myself was impressed, he was standing on top of a chair at full extension, and not only that but a chair with wheels and yet he didn’t miss a single beat.
   He began to lift up his arms, in a way that almost seemed like he was about to summon the almighty landlord of the Institute. Lightning began to strike outside and all the paper in the room began to fly about. Huge gusts of winds broke through the door sending everything and everyone flying except for the almighty chairman. The entire building shook and the floor split in half revealing a pit of lava directly underneath. The lava was infested with dinosaur eating lava sharks which roared loudly at the sight of humans in the floor above.
   Then the chairman spoke in a loud booming voice, even louder than everything that was currently happening, he must have needed to speak that loudly in order to be heard above the noise.
   Now that was something to be afraid of, no wonder anyone hadn’t ever successfully challenged the authority of the chairman. His wrath was simply too much for a single person to handle in such a short amount of time. I was shook, I’ve never seen him this angry before so I was quite clueless of what to do next. Suddenly he turned his attention to me, or maybe it was all directed towards me and I had just began to pay attention.
   Abruptly the chairman had fallen off his chair, middle of his wrath too, the incline of the splitting ground simply was too much, even for the master balance of a well trained chair balancer. I decided to use this opportunity in order to escape. It wasn’t that difficult as the staff were all focused on reviving the chairman and I had my chair as well so I easily sailed down the hallways at speeds unrecognizable to the human eye.
   Once outside I pulled out my map of the school, which I had marked with various safehouses and hidden areas unknown to anyone else on the campus. I decided to head towards the one closest to the train station, I figured that might be useful as an escape if the time ever came. The spot I had chosen was simply an old bench that must have been forgotten about hundreds of years ago, luckily it was a stone bench and heck those things can last forever. I had dug a small pit underneath it in order to give it some depth, and I had arranged various foods pumped with preservatives in order to make sure that they would outlast any nuclear war.
   I rolled the chair next to the entrance then crawled inside. I needed to think of some sort of way to get back inside the main office to stop the raging chairman. There had to be some possible way to safely get in and out without being caught, well of course there were various ways of getting inside, it’s just that all those methods would be useless without a practical plan to execute once inside the facility. I thought for a bit until I realized… What is a chairman without his chair? He would be absolutely powerless without his chair! And his title would be revoked, thus leaving him simply as a man, a chairlessman, a powerless man over me and the entire institute. And so the plotting began.
   Now breaking into the main office is simply a matter of knowing where to go, basically a milkrun. In order to get into the main office however, you needed access to the chimney on the student housing. From there you could sneak past the two guard set in front of dorm room 371 and into the room in order to retrieve the keys located underneath the third foot of the bed. These keys grant access to the mess hall vending machine, the quickest way from the dorm to the mess hall is through a series of mazes and puzzles which are to be activated by pressing 3 of the 7 knobs on the top dresser in the correct order from largest to smallest to open a secret passageway that leads to the bottom floor of the student housing. Once at the end of the secret passageway, there are 3 statues waiting there, each of them holding a different item. In order to complete this puzzle you have to evenly distribute the cake which is located under the middle statue, upon the three of them. Once all three statues have a slice, the middle one will move, revealing another doorway with an access code. The access code can be found by counting up the number of purple and yellow things in the room. This door leads to the boiler room of the housing, all you need to do here is turn up the temperature by 5 degrees, this will wake up all the bottom floor inhabitants, after about 3 minutes and 27 seconds a group of them will storm into the boiler room to lower the temperature back to its original state. Use this as your chance to escape through the front door and into the mess hall. Inside the mess hall, there will only be 3 tables in the center of the room, reorganize them accordingly to gain access to the hidden vending machine. Once you have access to the hidden vending machine, turn it around by pressing a button inside the coin deposit to make the floor rise up beneath the vending machine, making it easy to turn like those revolving doors. From here there are various key slots, make sure to put the key in the correct hole otherwise the whole mess hall will explode. After slotting in the key, you can remove the back panel of the vending machine which will reveal a paperclip that had gotten stuck back there from a student who had left it on top of the machine 30 years ago while trying to get a chocolate bar. Use this paper clip to pick the lock in the main office, thus granting you access to the entire building and everything inside, just be careful of spiders.
   After I had completed my plan, I prepared to execute it. I had done this all multiple times over, so I could practically do it all blindfolded. I followed through all the steps seamlessly, however it turned out that I had not placed the paperclip back since the last time I had used it, but luckily I had found an equally if not better paperclip on the floor outside the mess hall. Quickly I made my way to the main office and directly towards the meeting room which I had been in earlier that day. Inside I saw the chairman’s chair sitting in the center of the room, all the desks were spaced far away from the chair in reverence. It was almost too beautiful, I hadn’t realized how beautiful of a chair the chairman had. I took a step towards it when suddenly I heard a voice.
   “I’ve been expecting you, Milk” the voice paused for a moment “This place is rather nice, isn’t it?”
   I was dumbstruck, I couldn’t believe it! I ripped the chair towards me and behold, it was the chairman!
   “Y-you took my lines!” I cried.
   “You took my dignity.” The chairman replied calmly “And not only did you take that, but also my sanity… every day you would come here with some sort of strange nonsense, then out of nowhere! Boom! You turn me into a fool, you cause confusion, you recklessly disturb the school yet you simply aren’t breaking any rules! I have had no reason to ever punish you until now… but now I can finally get rid of you!” The chairman screamed in delight.
   “Oh I’m very much going to enjoy this, Milk. You made me do this... And I will have my revenge!”
   I looked at him smiling as well, he hadn’t yet realized that none of his rules applied to me. I was still undefeated.
   “Oh and Milk, don’t start celebrating just yet” He said, reading my expression. “Don’t worry you didn’t break any of my rules… you broke a law…” He strategically let that part hang.
   The smile on my face quickly evaporated, how could I have forgotten? A law so simple that I’ve always put so much extra care into making sure that I would never break it, but he was right! I had broken it, and now I was completely guilty. My face began to turn red and I started to sweat, there was no way out of this.

Update: Just realized I could have posted this in the Artwork section since writing counts OOF xD
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