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Stamps! (Concept)
« on: October 01, 2019, 07:29:37 pm »
So recently I've been playing a lot of club penguin and I found that I really enjoyed the stamp aspect of it. Going around doing obscure things to earn a stamp, it just felt nice xD So I thought what if a forum could do something similar? I know this idea is pretty far fetched, and there already is a sorta "stamp" system in place, but the current system is very exclusive and hard to even get a stamp :b

Basically it would work like this (sorry the assets are directly from club penguin, didn't feel the need to create actual assets for a concept)

There will be different level difficulties of stamps, each stamp represents a task that was completed by that user.

  • Green = Easy
  • Blue = Medium
  • Red = Hard

Stamp earned when you reach red paw!Stamp earned when you help get to 10 in "Count until a staff member posts"Stamp earned when you watch all the gourmet race videos on the internet!

Then each user could have their own stamp book which can be viewed by themselves and anyone else on the forum.

Clicking on the stamp icon on a user's profile will take you to a page with all the stamps the user has.

Now of course this would be difficult to implement I suppose, having to create these sort of "sensors" to check whether the actions required for a stamp has been fulfilled, then giving the stamp to the user who had fulfilled those conditions. Some of the stamps I listed there are just placeholders honestly, but the stamps could be easier things to implement such as "if user_post_count = 1000 then give stamp_for_1000" which would be pretty similar to the code already in the forum for the paw ranking system.

In conclusion this would make the forum have a more of a game aspect to it, having members going around collecting stamps. Some stamps could even be used to build the community by having certain stamps only attainable through group co-operation. This would result in higher levels of forum activity and a stronger sense of community on the forum.

However this is merely a concept that I don't expect much to happen with, it would be quite the task to fully implement something such as this, but in the end I had fun designing it and I hope ya'll found it as entertaining as I did :3
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