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Dream help
« on: August 01, 2008, 04:13:07 pm »
I had this awesome dream, and then I was awakened. I NEED the end, so help.

This takes place in the Doctor who reality

There was a war. Between humans and these gassy "Jubuals" (jube-you-uls). they came through the Cardiff rift, and took over people. These captured were the pawns of the war. After a neuro toxin killed their leader, The surviving ones just vanished. several months later, I was out side a brick structure (It was like massive shaded brick plaza, A ceiling, a roof, but no walls. It was late in the summer afternoon when Several people just collapsed, then got up and acted very scared, and panicked. they showed a visible sign of being controlled, with goldish eye color. Then everybody began panicing as they know what these are. But I knew more. I managed to stop the crowd and begin instructing them that these where no longer dangerous, just lost and confused like you would on an alien planet after being thought an enemy and most of your friends are dead. We get together to think of how to send them back across the rift and then bam! I'm awakened by my mom who says she needs me to clean a pot.

What do you think happens to the Jubuals?
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