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Hotmail Issues
« on: June 23, 2005, 06:06:53 pm »
Microsoft has announced that they'll be implementing their SenderID system (a proprietary email verification system that very few people use) for Hotmail and MSN email accounts, and that all messages that don't use SenderID will be automatically sent to the Junk folder. Two problems with this:

1. Roughly 80% of spammers have implemented SenderID and SPF records (two competing anti-spam technologies) in an attempt to seem more legit.

2. Well over 75% of legitimate mail servers do NOT conform to SenderID, this one included.

So, Hotmail users, make sure you check your Junk folder on a regular basis, even if you've never had an issue before. If you get a message from me, one of this server's users, or the forum, it will almost certainly be filtered as junk regardless of your filter settings.
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