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The Last Remnant
« on: January 06, 2009, 11:22:39 pm »

If you're an RPG fanatic like me who loves Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, and most of Square and Enix's games both classic and original, you may enjoy this one.
On the other hand, you can be the same type of person and HATE it.

This game had a lot of potential and looked really really good for a classic style RPG. Boy was I wrong.
The Graphics for this game are severely lacking for a next gen game. They're not even as good as FF12. The story is moderately interesting, including politics, kidnapped sisters, and forbidden experimentation by a corporate style research academy. The Annoying thing is the way the story progresses. Go to pub, get quest, return to town, go to pub, repeat. The characters are only mildly interesting and the duologue is just annoying. The humor is so dry, one character makes a joke about his servant/general changing his diapers. (WTF?! moment of the game award)

the combat system for this game is different and interesting, but implemented poorly. It's too complex to explain here but when you see it yourself it's much simpler than the instructions tell you.

And what ever happened to good old "gain EXP earn LVL UP"? I have no idea how you gain stats in this game, it seems random. The attacks are also pretty random and uninteresting. I think they were trying to give an idea of the chaos of a battlefield, but this just doesn't do it.

Also, I noticed right off the bat that this game is trying to force you to buy an HDTV. Without one, you can barely make out most of the words on the status screens because they're blurry and scrunched up together.

I'm being pretty harsh on this game because I expect better from Square Enix, but all in all it's not a BAD game.
Rent. Do not buy.

3 wags out of 10.

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Re: The Last Remnant
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2009, 05:43:48 pm »
Bah, that game has had pretty bad reviews overall. It's an interesting note that the game was designed with American audiences in mind, perhaps in doing so they lost something important to an RPG. Or, you know, it might just be bad. =p
If your looking for a good RPG on the PS3, try out Valkaria Chronicles. ;3 I've heard it's very good.