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Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning
« on: October 31, 2005, 05:22:23 am »
Figured I might as well post this.

Star Wreck:  In the Pirkinning is a full-length Finnish Sci-Fi movie, making Parodies across all realms of movies (although most of the fun poked is at Star Trek).  The 103 minute running time is packed with humor, and it would be hard to cut much out of it.  The actors aren't professional, but in my opinion, it doesn't change anything (they look professional).  Most of the filming was done in a living room with a home made blue-screen.  Unlike most Star Trek Parodies, this one actually has a plot (James B. Pirk becomes emperor of the world to ensure that they found P-fleet, but due to overpopulation, decides to invade an alternate universe (which closely resembles the world of Babylon 5)).

It's availible at

My personal favorite scene:

"We'll have to have peace, universal language, tights for uniforms, and a defense against the Korg!"

Sergey:  "What?"
Tech:  "You used to work at a nuclear plant?"
Sergey:  "Yeah, the Chernobyl facility.  Why?"
Tech:  "Cooling system problems, but that's what you do best, right? Go check out the reactor chamber."
Sergey:  "Gee, thanks."

Two technicians get together as Sergey goes off.
"Chernobyl.  Why's that sound familiar?"
Together:  "Chernobyl...  CHERNOBYL!  FUKOOOOV!" Chases

Tech 1:  "Make damn sure you never touch the cooling system again, Sergey!"
Tech 2:  "Yeah!"
Sergey:  "Yes, sir, Captian.  I thought it was teh climate control for my quarters.  I was cold!"

Fukov does a whole lot more damage later on... he's recruited as a captain when the world is taken over, and during the invasion, he's the only captain to do more damage to his own ship than any enemy.
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