Author Topic: DDR Ultramix (yay first review)  (Read 1117 times)

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DDR Ultramix (yay first review)
« on: September 25, 2004, 12:06:13 pm »
Yay first Review!!! Anyways I'm going to be reviewing Dance Dance Revolition Ultramix also known as just DDR by regular players. The gameplay remains the same as the others with hitting the arrows on your dance pad in sequence of the arrows on the screen. There is a different line up of songs to select from and dance to. Heres a link to the list of songs of this version and others that you can download The graphics with the charcters that dance in the background look pretty good to most standards. But they should have spent a bit more time on them to make them look better or have more then just 2 charcters that danced in the background. If you ever get bored just playing the actual game theres a challenge mode to test your skills out on and see if your a elite player. If just playing the single player mode ever gets boring and you got a subscription to Xbox live you can verse others around the world in just a few minutes. Also everytime you win playing on Xbox Live you go up rankings and can prove that your the best on that game then everyone else in the world.

My overall rating of this game is a 8/10

Also I'm planning on making a home made metal dance pad and if anyone is intrested I'll review the design after I finish making it or if you want the instructions just contact me.