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dream interpration
« on: May 12, 2009, 02:23:17 am »
(sorry if its the wrong place)

this dream is a long(ish) and needs some points of notice
1.there are anthropomorphic animals but there are few of them and they are normally spread far.
2 this dream had nearly no dialogue but I could still understand what people meant. hospitals for animals and its set in a hamlet (small village)

I was looking at an anthropomorphic fox lying naked on the ground and a blue-brown dog also naked approached him and tried to get the fox up with no success, i flew into the body of the fox and i could see from his eyes (take his body or my own body) i got up and something was telling me we both were ill or something, we walked into a vet/pet shop and i hid behind a rack of things (probably collars or leads) and watched the dog approach the vet (an old but strong man) the man gave the dog a hug and then noticed me, I saw him smile and hid my head, I looked up and was somewhere else a little further on in the foxes (my?) life,

now I was on some grass next to a crossroad and there was some concrete steps and a platform near a small pond at the edge of the grass where the road met, I walked towards the pond and in one blink it and expanded to 3 times its length and the I heard someone ask if it was okay to go in to which the dog replied yes, I jumped in and had a swim about and when I'd made 2 laps of the pond I saw a anthropomorphic bird (eagle maybe) whose feathers were a dim yellow and he had an odd coloured beak (I don't remember what colour) he had a little brother with him and something inside me wanted to complain but I didn't.

The third part of my dream was in an electronic shop and a small girl was playing with me and the dog and she tried to get us to play on one of the computers however we didn't because she only had to touch one and it got a blue screen and the shop owner started complaining,

fourth part of the dream and I was led down on the grass at the crossroad and after a few seconds of trying to get comfy a lorry sped past me nearly hitting me but for some reason I had remained calm like nothing had happened, I got up and walked up the steps and into a house that had been built on the platform, I saw the dog sat on a chair at a dining table dressed in a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off and jeans (he was playing with a folding knife) and the bird was getting his little brother ready for school, I knew that the bird had a job, the fox (me) tricked people in games of wit for money and the dog was a thief but non of it bothered me,

after thinking for a few minutes I woke up from my dreaming, can anyone tell me what this means.