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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #60 on: March 29, 2010, 06:22:07 pm »
my room is actually pretty neat. My brother rooms with me but whenever he's in college, i make sure that our beds are made and the floor is clean. I have most of my gadgets organized, my clothes are kept folded in a drawer..I'll vaccume once a month.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #61 on: March 29, 2010, 06:40:07 pm »
Ill post some pictures of my room tomorrow after i get it cleaned up a little
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #62 on: March 29, 2010, 07:26:21 pm »
I still haven't moved into my room. And its been a year.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #63 on: March 29, 2010, 10:33:06 pm »
Mine's just your average white room with brown carpet and various areas of clutter.  As one would expect, I have various animal things in my room, most of which are wolves and dragons, with a few foxes and unicorns thrown in the mix. 
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #64 on: April 01, 2010, 03:46:49 pm »
Eh... my room is nothing too exciting. Standard nightstand/chest-of-drawers, usually untidy, etc... I do rather like my black curtains, though.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #65 on: June 15, 2010, 06:13:18 am »
my room is pretty big and messy. i got a loft bed with a built in desk under it where i draw on the left side and the right side is covered with junk i got a radio on my bookshelf and a blue shelf with other various items
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #66 on: June 16, 2010, 09:07:45 pm »
My room is a toxic wasteland, paper and sketch books everywhere
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #67 on: June 17, 2010, 08:58:57 am »
My room is clean yet has a messy feel to it! Painted dark blue with a Halo poster and a Pop art of Breaking Benjamin on the wall. I got some old hunting painting from my great aunt. Thats about it.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #68 on: June 18, 2010, 12:03:42 am »
Here is my cave.

I sleep on a futon.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #69 on: June 18, 2010, 01:03:27 am »
In a lot of ways, my room is actually my entire apartment. However, I will list the three major rooms in my apartment, seeing as you only asked for my bedroom, Mssr. Laocon:

Actual Bedroom:
There's really not much to tell. A bare footan [sic] frame sits against the one wall. In the floor is the padding/mattress from it. It's covered with a medical surplus sheet, and that with a medical surplus blanket... That's my bed. Sorry if you were expecting something glamorous.

Guest Bedroom:
The one wall has a Serta Matress on top of box springs on it. An autographed and validated photograph of Pink Floyd hangs above the bed. That flame decked hat also hangs above the bed. In the middle of the floor sits my bike that I use to get around town. My bookcase, overflowing with books, sits against the wall into the living room. This is the good room during the day - the air conditioner is in the window here. I can see the college from this window and only this one.

Living Room:
The TV sits on a coffee table against the one wall, all of my game systems and my surround sound underneath it. A busted couch that I've always been able to sleep on, no matter what has happened in my life, serves as the couch here. Various frames with art line the walls - this one shows where K. Thyla's piece will go. This one is a recently completed Chuint Piece. Over there is some Farfan, right next to a bit of Laocon. There's the one that went on Irene's cake... And so forth... The only other things of note in the room are my router for my internet, and my server cloud, which is, for now, headed by ffd-servos-natasha, assisted by ffd-servos-wyrm and ffd-servos-nezzy. This serves as my local media server (and, yes, it finally works, hallelujah!).
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #70 on: June 18, 2010, 03:56:02 pm »
My room is epicly neat and minimalistic. I have this thing whereby all my possessions HAVE to be put away neatly. Otherwise, I end up having a hissy fit and getting all paranoid. There are three colours in my room: white, teal and pink. I may have to take photos and put all you messy people to shame . I guess my room is a student heaven: you can revise and chill in there WITHOUT THE MESS
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #71 on: June 19, 2010, 08:27:03 pm »

Notice the holes in the wall (Thanks dad.)

There is some cleaning products because I was putting clothes away and was gonna dust off the dresser, and there is a bottle of woolite for the carpet, pet dander.

And there is my empty plate from dinner, witch isn't there anymore, had to put it in the dishwasher.

My keyboard stands out.

otherwise, nice and cozy, and there is a closet but it wasn't captured.  And on the wall my bed is on there are some posters and traffic signs.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #72 on: August 23, 2010, 05:04:10 pm »

My bedroom is painted light blue with Judo Nationals 2009, Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2 posters. I've got my Xbox and 32 inch LCD TV. My bed is kind of broken at the moment, so i'm just sleeping on a matress on the floor at the moment (it's actually not that bad).
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #73 on: August 23, 2010, 05:19:03 pm »
Two worktables and six high powered lamps for various art projects and studies, ye old pc is on the edge of one.  A small bed in the corner, with walls covered in bookshelves (hundreds of damned books...), propaganda posters and various prints. 

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #74 on: August 23, 2010, 05:53:07 pm »
Bedroom and computer room, featuring glorious cardboard box computer.

I live in complete chaos and disorder.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #75 on: August 23, 2010, 06:35:49 pm »
My room is epicly neat and minimalistic. I have this thing whereby all my possessions HAVE to be put away neatly. Otherwise, I end up having a hissy fit and getting all paranoid.
...oh dear, are you me in an alternate reality?

My room can be limited to a textual description. Don't like to have Photobucket/accounts I generally don't use actively hanging around.

My room: Pretty plain. Blue paint, has a shelf that has my TV centered between two speakers, plushies ontop of them and things like train tickets and whatnot that I'll use in the future, possibly months in advance or whatever. Then below that is the feet of my bed, which spans across the entire room. One side has my wardrobe (Which I want to get rid of, because it's ugly and is, for the most part, unused. The other side, that has my TV, has a little setup where my DVD player (Amplifier) lies on the bottom, XBox 360 (Music/DVD player) lies in the middle, and then on the top, a lamp, a coaster for my cups, and just general, throw my plates on there. DVD's and CD's I use are usually to the side of my Xbox, with the controller atop it, but I'm looking into new... stuff, to neaten it up. Between the two, I have a little passage I walk through, with a fairly large pink poofy (sp?) chair that often has my laptop lying on it. This goes for my remote controls too. By the little media setup is my main subwoofer, that may or may not be disappearing, and a seperation between my drawers that usually houses my bag. The drawer... is, again, largely unused - the bottom used for underpants, socks, while the above pretty much has my bedsheets (Again, rarely change them), the top having my hair drier and a few bits and bobs like anti-persperant, and above it has a big black cube taking up 5/8 of the top, usually using the top of the cube to put my clothes for future planning, and if there's room, I usually put accessories, my money and such by it, so it's all perfectly organised.

Additionally, underneath my bed is where I store most of my stuff, in baskets and little containers. I have a main container that usually has my cards, bus fare money, and a belt just encase I need one, aswell as things I'll probably pick up on going out - phone, MP3 player (if it weren't dead), headphones... there is another box beside it that is easily accessable that contains things like chargers, handheld consoles and Pokemon games, along with a contained set of craft stuff like ribbon, bells, rings, fabric glue and clasps usually. By that, there is also a box that I usually put things like my tail and ears in, so basically furmeet/costumey stuff. Lined up by the wall, I also have accessories I don't expect to be using much, which is pretty much a collection... a lot of belts in there, I might add. By that, technology, a few leads I may use, my tablet, my hard drive, camera, video camera... you get the picture. Behind that, I have clothes that I don't want my parents seeing. Nothing dirty, it's just that I'm a bit nervous about transgender issues and parents.

And there is my textual tour of my room. I often use my poofy chair as a a guitar stand, or my media setup. Of course, behind the media stuff lies my window!.. and I tend to try and keep things to a minimal, making it look as clean as possible (Seriously, I get obsessive when I start cleaning), making as little visible, as little "behind the scenes".

Now, another room which is behind mine... and it's also more or less -my- room. It's generally used for music, an absolute shit tip that's beyond cleaning, especially with the way the kitties treat it, shitting in there. I tried, but eh, I've hit a limit, especially since I tell my parents to attempt to keep it CLEAN and not throw things RANDOMLY in there, which they do, forcing -me- to look for the best place to put it and gAH... anyway, to description!

If you were in my room and you were facing the way the TV was, to your right would be the neighbours... and going through the wall, you would reach my music room. There are shelves on this wall on one part, one that spans across the left of the room, to the right, an old boiler wardrobe, which I've cleaned up as much as possible, and generally carries things I won't use for a while/at all but want to keep, sentimental reason or otherwise. The printer is also underneath the shelf, which the USB is trailing into my room through the wall, as is the ethernet, modem above the printer. Shelves are littered with books, but otherwise kept to a minimum on usage. Blank CD's and that sorta stuff lies there. Aswell as my vinyl player, pictures and a few things I need to clean up but am too lazy too. My drumkit is infront of the boiler cabinet, and under the single shelf with the CD's, toward the end, is a load of junk that is semi-organised, instruments I store there. To the opposite of the room, there is a window, and amplifiers. A big amplifier that has my metronome on it, and a small bass amplifier. The video recorder also lies ontop of the metronome, aswell as a distortion pedal infront of the amplifier connected up, so all the electronics are connected and just need a switch to turn on. By the amps, there is yet another wardrobe filled with crap, but fairly neat, so it's all good.

Now, there concludes (properly) my textual tour.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #76 on: September 06, 2010, 12:06:16 pm »

This would be my cork board of happiness and puppies and rainbows.

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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #77 on: September 09, 2010, 08:32:40 pm »
My room is such a fail compared to everyone else's. It's almost bare. And TINY.
 From the door,

My bed and laptop, plus my cart. No really, not a desk,  a freaking CART.

My entertainment center, consisting of a bad color TV, an Xbxo (original, not 360), Gamecube, and an N64.

Lastly, the corner I named myself, and aptly at that, the CRAP CORNER. Consisting of multiple levels of crap.

So, thats my room. When I'm on my own, my room will have MUCH more pizzazz. I promise.
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #78 on: September 10, 2010, 09:04:21 am »
Lol Sly, I think we may have the same laptop :3
As for me, I really don't have a room at the moment. Just the couch in the living room, but its one DAMN comfy couch. <3~
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Re: Your Room!
« Reply #79 on: September 10, 2010, 01:05:11 pm »
The walls are a Dried Mud Brown (more soothing than it sounds) with offwhite trim. I have removed the doors of my closet and placed my desk(which fits perfectly) inside of it. All of my funiture is black with a rough texture face. My mini fridge sits next to my queen size bed so i use it as a night stand. On the "main wall" at the foot of my bed(From left to right) there is a set of tall stell shelves that contain my boxes of misc stuff, my ball python named salina, and all her stuff. Next is a desktop dresser w/ a tall mirror, and next to that i have my tall dresser caddy cornnered with my TV, SEGA Genesis, & N64 sitting on top. The wall perpendicular to that has my window, a short storage thingy below it, and a set of long short shelves next to it. There's also another door in my room which leads to my bathroom. I have one poster on my wall obove the headboard of my bed which is a painting of two dragons facing eachother and if you look at the negative space in between them you'll see a woman's face looking at you. There's some clothes thrown about and other unique/strange/random items here and there. I never turn on my large overhead light but i do use my two desk lamps, one lava lamp, heating lampsfor the snake, natural light from the window, and candles. I also enjoy using incense soo... my room is kinda smelly (In a good way) and thats my room. :king:
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