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Shadow of the Colossus (ITT: WIN)
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:34:02 pm »
I know this game is old, and I know most of you have probably heard of it, but I feel it deserves a review on here JUST IN CASE, YOU KNOW.

I've had this game for quite a while and it's pretty old, but Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best games I've ever played. (And if you know me, that carries some weight to it.) The story is simple and sparse, but it's powerful and emotional. The graphics are amazing for a PS2 game and the controls are easy.

The story is pretty much, there's a land of behemoths, connected to the outside world by an ornate bridge. If one can slay the behemoths, it is rumored that one can gain the power to raise the dead.

You play Wander, the mysterious adventurer. You lover, (her name is Mono) has died and you go to raise her from the dead. And you have a horse. The horse is an amazing part of the game, actually. You control it more like a car than anything, and it's intelligent enough to not run off cliffs or into walls; it steers itself away if you get it too close. Plus, it'll run if you're not on it and one of the behemoths approaches. You can do different maneuvers on it as well.

Anyway, that's about it for story. It seems simple, and it is, but its profoundity and the plot twist at the end make it all worth it.

The gameplay is amazing as well. This game is pretty much 60% puzzle, 20% platformer, 10% adventure, and 10% action. Each giant has a certain weak spot, so you have to find it, get to it, and stab it. Sounds simple, right? WRONG

In one, you have to coax a giant pterodactyl-like thing into swooping at you so you can jump on it. Another, you have to get a giant to swing its club and break a piece of its arm so you can climb up. I don't want to say much more about that so I won't ruin anything.

The game is pretty much all about boss fights; there are 16 enemies in the entire game. I personally hate boss fights, but this game kept me interested somehow. I guess it's probably that it doesn't feel like a boss fight. Enemies aren't always predictable and the feeling of enormity of your opponent makes you think, "I have to kill THAT?!?!"

Overall, if you like games where there are tons of things to do, you probably will not like this game. But if you want a challenging, rewarding experience, play this game. If you want to experience an amazing story, play this game. If you have a PS2 and are bored, play this game. If you can't feel your legs... see a doctor, THEN play this game.
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