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Staff Recruiting: Board Moderators and IRC Half-Ops
« on: August 19, 2009, 02:48:54 am »
Current Recruiting Status:  Backlogged, new applications will be held in reserve for future positions.

Hi everyone!  In an effort to continue to grow the site, we're always on the lookout for potential staff members.  These positions are usually offered based on watching the activity of site members and seeing who we think would be best for the job, but we're not opposed to people volunteering themselves or nominating others.  Our qualifications are vague, and based on a case-by-case evaluation of each candidate, but this is what we look for:

1.  Must be an active member of the community.  We don't require potential moderators to have been members for a certain length of time to be eligible, but we do expect them to be active here often enough to be familiar with the community and effective at their jobs.  Ideally, a moderator candidate should visit the site at least once a day, and shouldn't be prone to disappearing for extended lengths of time.  Taking vacations is fine, of course, but if a user is prone to vanishing for a month or two at a time following periods of high activity, they're probably not the sort of candidate we're looking for.  Please note that the Spam board does not count as "activity".

2.  Must plan to be a future active member.  This site has a fairly high turnover rate for users, which isn't really a bad thing, but it makes it difficult to identify and recruit staff members who'll stick around into the future.  Of course, things happen and plans change, but if you don't see yourself still being involved with this site in a year, you're probably not the sort of candidate we're looking for.

3.  Must exercise sound judgement.  This is something of a catch-22, because there isn't much "judgement" that can be exercised by someone who doesn't have mod privileges.  Simply put, we're looking for someone we can trust to enforce the rules of the site fairly.  Typically, this means someone who can follow the rules, and doesn't have a history of causing problems or a large number of deleted posts, but a user who has those things isn't necessarily disqualified.

4.  Must be a mature, fair-minded person.  Somewhat of an extension of #3, moderator candidates must be level-headed and capable of maintaining a calm, professional demeanor at all times, even when things get heated.  Moderation can't be performed against a thread/post just because you don't like it or because it upset you, it has to violate the site rules somehow.  Someone who's prone to engaging in flame wars or has a history of aggression is probably not the sort we're looking for.  And, a position of authority requires one to have a certain level of maturity; we don't have a minimum age requirement for moderator positions, but we do read the posting histories of potential candidates (including their deleted posts) to see if they're mature enough to handle the job.

These guidelines are simply that, guidelines, but this gives an idea of what we look for in our moderators.  If you feel you're up to the job, and would like to apply, contact a site administrator with more information about why you feel you'd make a good moderator.  Applying in essay format is encouraged :-)

Please note that we often maintain a backlogged reserve-list of potential moderators, so applying does not guarantee an immediate position availability, even if your application is approved with flying colours.  Applying means you'll be put on the reserve list if approved, and you'll be contacted if/when a position opens.  This information is subject to change, though, so check this post for updates if you're curious about our recruiting status.


We're also recruiting IRC staff, who start out as half-ops and work their way up.  These positions are handled by our IRC admins, so contact them to apply.  The above-detailed qualifications may or may not apply to the IRC channel, but IRC staff candidates will obviously have to be people who are active in the IRC channel.
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