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Re: Favorite musicians
« Reply #20 on: September 08, 2010, 12:23:34 pm »
I'm gonna give an updated list, to suit my updated taste (because this stuff is important to me x3):

Maynard Keenan-Tool
Steven Wilson-Porcupine Tree
James Labrie-Dream Theater
Brent Hinds/Troy Sanders-Mastodon
Devin Townsend
Mikael Adkerfelt-Opeth
Tim "Ripper" Owens
Aviv Geffin-Blackfield
Chris Cornell-Soundgarden
Aaron Turner-Isis
Geddy Lee-Rush
Dave Mustaine-Megadeth

Danny Carey-Tool
Gavin Harrison-Porcupine Tree
Mike Portnoy-Dream Theater
Brann Dailor-Mastodon
Aaron Harris-Isis
Josh Freese-A Perfect Circle
RVP-Devin Townsend Project
Pat Skeffington-Scale the Summit
Sean Reinert-Cynic
Neil Peart-Rush
Matt Cameron-Soundgarden

John Petrucci-Dream Theater
Adam Jones-Tool
Steven Wilson/John Wesley-Porcupine Tree
Brent Hinds/Bill Kelliher-Mastodon
Mikael Adkerfelt-Opeth
Devin Townsend
Billy Howerdel-A Perfect Circle
Paul Masvidal-Cynic
Dave Mustaine-Megadeth
Steve Vai

Justin Chancellor-Tool
Jeff Caxide-Isis
John Myung-Dream Theater
Colin Edwin-Porcupine Tree
Billy Sheehan
Troy Sanders-Mastodon

Jordan Rudess-Dream Theater
Richard Barbieri-Porcupine Tree
Kevin Moore-Ex-Dream Theater/OSI
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