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Who's Played..? : X-Com (UFO Defense)
« on: September 23, 2009, 09:06:23 pm »
Isometric. Honestly, when I hear that, I get pained memories of....geometry class.
But not all things isometric are also proportion and mathematics; older games have used this view-point, and look how well they worked! The Fallout series, for example; before Bethesda transformed it into "Cyrodiil with Guns", it was..yes, isometric. 120 Degrees.
However, another game that I recall immediately when I hear this, sadly, isn't as easily brought up for others.
That game, and its series, is X-Com! UFO Defense to some, actually, but what's in a name?

X-Com is, as I explained, isometric; it is an isometric strategy game, where you fight aliens.
"But Zera!" You say, "A game where you fight aliens? Have we not played that in every other old game?". Well, yes, most likely, you have. However, X-Com has several unique, redeeming factors. While these factors might turn some people off, they add to the experience of the game itself.

1) The premise!
X-Com is set in alternate time-line 1999, where the world is fairly at peace...until yes, ALIENS ATTACK. Oh dear, whatever will we do? Luckily, the countries of the world respond faster than they did with Hitler, and fund a program; the "Extraterrestrial Combat Unit", or X-Com. This is where you, the player, step in. You are the commander of X-Com; that is, you are the main tactician, research head, finance manager, quartermaster and whatnot. Hey, no one said saving Earf' would be easy, right? Luckily, you're given a nice little information guide, known as the "UFOpedia"...and you'll use it often!

2) Features, features, features~
This game is played from two points; a deity-like, watch-over-the-Earth camera angle, where you'll play with all your knobs and doo-hickies, and and set up all the side things like research, production of weaponry and armor, check your stance with the countries of the world, and watch your payroll. Not too enthralling, but then, the behind-the-scenes work never is.  However, when an enemy rears its ugly head, or heads (Several enemies will show up later to make your battles miserable, from the purple apes in green jumpsuits known as Muton, and Ethereals, the psychics who mastermind the whole invasion), the real fight begins! Hoo-ah! This where the second gameplay element enters, stage-right; the combat! Isometric combat, yes, but still combat...and it's impressive, if you can get past the muddy-looking graphics.
Brutal AI (usually), tongue-bitingly nervous shoot-outs, and horrorific terror missions.
Grid-based combat has never looked soooo good.

3) General consensus.
I love this game, I really do. Between its quirks, its NUT-BUSTINGLY HARD MOMENTS that will have you screaming a curse upon programmers in unison, and death..after death..after death..there is a good game here. There really is, I promise! At least, if this is your kind of game, you'll find something to like.
My issue is that so few people have heard or played the game, or at least, what I've heard people have heard from it. Eeer. Oh well.

What do you people think? If you've played it, tell me your thoughts; if you've not, what do you think?

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Re: Who's Played..? : X-Com (UFO Defense)
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2009, 09:25:46 pm »
I couldn't think of this game until i watched a few videos on youtube. At that point it hit me. I played this game back in the 90s when I was little! I wasn't any good at it that's for sure and I had my older brother help me with most of it but still... I didn't know they re-released it... then again I haven't thought about of it until now...

Anyway I am downloading this! I'll give a better review after I play it again.

Edit: Thanks for posting this! This is one of those old games I miss so much.
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