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Armored Core 1-4
« on: October 26, 2009, 07:59:05 pm »
Just wanted to hear some opinions on this epic win of a series
AC is, and forever will be, my favorite childhood game series. I would spend hours on end creating the mechs of my dreams, fighting my way up through the ranks of the arenas till my AP was 0000.
It had some of the best intro movies I have ever seen.

AC 1
AC 2
AC 2 Another Age
AC 3
AC 3 Silent line
AC 3 Nexus core
AC 3 Last Raven
AC 4
AC for answer
Answer me this, who WOULDNT want to fly a giant mech around causing chaos on a mass scale....who?
If they had made this into an animated series also, Gundam would have been destroyed ^^
Reverse joint legs+Energy swords 4 life <3
R.I.P Software+Agetech we loved the AC 3 series <3

I'll post more on each individual game when im not being thrown off the computer ^^'
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Re: Armored Core 1-4
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2010, 02:50:00 am »
personally, i believe that last raven has a deeper storyline, but silent line was definitely the better game, in my opinion, because there were more possibilities for your AC.  SL and LR are my favorites.  though, LR is a little bit more realistic (i.e. possibility of losing parts), and the structure of the missions, i wouls have to say LR is best. though, the whole series is win.  5 stars