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Author Topic: Tales of Legendia  (Read 568 times)

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Tales of Legendia
« on: August 02, 2006, 09:49:31 pm »
[first review so *big breath* here goes]

Well the basic synopsis of the story is this:
Senel and Shirley (the main characters) are out hunting monsters on the sea when suddenly they are rammed by a giant ship.  As Shirley has a condition in which salt water will kill her, this is a problem.  But fortunatley they are washed onboard the mysterious vessel. This ship, The Legacy, is an acient relic of the lost kingdom of Terises.  Unfortunatly, everyone calls Shirley the Merines and Senel is thrown into a huge quest to save her.

Well that's all I'll say about the main story.  Like all of the previous Namco Tales games, the story, graphics, and character development are all very good.  As always, there is some sort of blatent racism that plays a big role in the game and which ultimatly must be overcome. (Will people ever learn to get along?) The battle system is mix between Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia.  By this I mean, the battle system is that of ToS 'cept that the battle field is linear. The battle controls may seem difficult to newcomers to the Tales games, but is actually quite easy to get the hang of.  The ablility to create customized battle skills is also a big plus.  The animation of the game is also very excellent, and shows up more often then in previous Tales games.  Also the voice acting is excellent, kudos to voice actors.  All of the characters have very memorable personalities and it makes playing with them quite entertaining.  Each character also has a character quest that gives a deeper insight into that character's past (Except for Senel and Shirley, they have the main game). 

Ok, now the downsides.  First off, what I found most dissapointing was the lack of summon spirits.  What the heck!  They are mentioned late in the game, and only make a brief appearence in one of the animations.  Next, is the fact that Shirley is playable through only half the game, but she can still be useful so its not that bad.  The magic system itself is ok, but to be able to gain a new spell you have to not only get to the right level, but you also have to acquire the appropriate amount of eres stones. They are only obtainable by deafeating certain enemies.  This makes it difficult to learn spells, and for those who wish to quickly continue with the game, may find it annoying.  Finally, the voice acting stops after the completion of the main game.  That's basically half the game, so for the other half you have to use your imagination.

Overall this is a good game.  Yes, I also found Tales of Symphonia better, but this is still a good game.  The downsides are really more of annoyences, though I still wish there was more on the summons.  Its good, so I recomend it if your into RPGs.
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