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Slashers (2001) movie review
« on: September 13, 2012, 02:04:20 am »
B rated horror films aren't really at the top of the chain with special effects and excellent acting, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd and prove to be an enjoyable movie even with a low production cost. "Slashers" happen to be one of those buried gems. Set in the near future in Japan, a popular new game show titled "$la$her$", has become a celebrated and well-known TV show for adult audiences. And what might this show be about you may ask? Well what do people enjoy most? Blood and violence! Yes! "Slashers" invites 6 contestants, 3 boys and 3 girls, to participate in the competition. These contestants are sent to the "Danger  Zone" where there is no turning back once you enter and they must do whatever it takes to survive for one hour, and if they do, they could walk home with millions of dollars in cash prizes! Of course there are a few catches. After being given a 2 minute head start in the "Danger Zone" the contestants must avoid being brutally murdered by the Slashers themselves. 3 Slashers to be exact. There job is to make the show entertaining by taunting and messing around with the contestants before eventually killing them, which gives the audience something to be excited about. These insane murderers have their own special theme, for example, Dr. Ripper only has one treatment for his patients, being put to sleep. Then there is the inbred redneck hillbilly, Chainsaw Charlie! And you can guess what weapon he is known for. Now since this show is so popular, why hasn't America made its own series? Well look no further because for the first time "Slashers" is going to have its first ever "All American Edition"! And that's were the movie begins.
                The gore was actually pretty good and believable at some points, while at other times, the effects could make you cringe with how corny it was. The acting was overall decent and good at some points. Although it had its down points, it ended up being an overall fun and enjoyable movie. I recommend buying it on DVD getting a group of friends to watch it.

Overall rating 5.4/10