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Original Red Faction review
« on: November 06, 2012, 10:17:26 pm »
Red Faction. Its an old game but its ok. saying its amazing would be exaggerating, and saying its good wouldn't be quite right. Here's why. First of the game is highly influence by other sci-if fps of its time (think the original half-life) but most sci-if fps are. Red faction almost takes so much influence from other games that at some points it feel like I'm playing Jedi outcast or half-life. With this in mind it goes without saying that this games struggles to find something of its own to stand out from the crowd. Red faction used the geomod destruction system which could have been fantastic like in red faction guerrilla but it is used so infrequently and when it is used it takes you so long to realize "oh I have to blow my way around the door!" This leads me into my next point. This game probably does the worst job at telling you where to go. Fur (lol fur get it?) example I was stuck for ten minutes at one point where nothing happened and I didn't know where to go that I shot a rocket at a wall in frustration and that opened a path for me to advance. Red faction is more of the sci fi fps that has a hard time finding something unique. I give Red Faction a 7/10. Despite its many flaws, at 10$ on steam it is worth a buy.