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Assassin's creed II
« on: December 02, 2009, 08:04:57 pm »
Assassin's creed. The first game came out a year or two back. It was fun, but it was repetitive. The missions all blended together and after playing half way through the game, you probably got bored. I couldn't even finish the thing.

So here comes AC2. I wasn't expecting anything great. I thought, "It's in Italy, and it certainly looks interesting", so I bought it.

Upon starting AC2, you'll probably find yourself bored. The game doesn't seem interesting.

That is, until you get a little bit farther, and start digging your teeth into the game.

You play as Etzio Auditore. No, that's not right, you ACTUALLY play as Desmond Miles. In AC2, Etzio is one of Desmond's assassin ancestors. You use a device called the Animus to access your ancestors memory. In the process, Desmond picks up his ancestors skills. Then you will become Etzio Auditore. Your father is a banker. And you have some amazing acrobatic skills. Soon, your father and brothers are put in prison. And then hanged in front of your own eyes. But not before your father tells you about a secret room in your house. Inside the room is a chest, containing assassins clothing, and a sword. You save your mother and sister, and get them out of the city. After leaving the city, you meet your uncle, Mario, who trains you to become an assassin. It's a really great story, despite seeming slightly cliche. You will really be sucked into Etzio's world.

This game is a stealth action game. You will be sneaking around and finding the best way to take out your enemies. You don't have to sneak though, most of the game wont require you to. But being sneaky and taking enemies out like an assassin would is one of the most satisfying parts of the game.

The combat in this game is good too. Your enemies will circle you, and one by one they will attack. You will mostly be holding the block button during this point. If you simply attack them, they will deflect your attack. But if you wait until they attack, just before they hit you, you can press the X button to do a finishing move, which always looks cool and will kill almost any enemy. Or you could grab them mid fight, and throw them off of the building you're on.

If you played the first game, this one will feel familiar in terms of controls. If you haven't, you're in for a wonderful surprise. AC and AC2 have some of the best controls ever. Everything you do in this game feels completely fluid. You will hop from rooftop to rooftop with ease, and it will be really, really, cool. There are some glitchy areas with the controls, but nothing awful.

For any one who has played the first game, you will find that the problems with the first game have been eradicated. It's very apparent that Ubisoft went ALL OUT to make this game anything but repetitive. The mission objectives are almost never the same, and will always either contribute to the story some way, or make you feel really awesome. The only objective that will be seen multiple times in this game, is assassinating a single person. But that NEVER gets old. Just like the last game, that is the best part. Figuring out clever and creative ways to assassinate a target is always fun. And with Etzio's new tools, it's even better.

Ubisoft has also added a lot to AC2, which makes it all the better. You now get your own village, which can be upgraded and will have shops for you to buy things. Every 20 minutes, you get money from your village. Upgrading increases the ammount of money you make every 20 minutes. But there are many other ways to increase your villages value too. Collecting feathers, assassins seals, buying paintings, and every weapon you buy but don't use is put in your weapons room. So almost everything you can buy in this game increases your village's value. This makes it quite simple to get money, so long as you invest it in the right places. You can also buy new weapons and armor, you can dye your clothes different colors, and you can find many secrets.

The game is also pretty long. I've heard that it's 15 hours if you only do the main quests. I easily passed that mark. Finding treasure, side quests that give you money, finding tombs, and finding the hidden symbols will stretch out the games length like taffy. The secrets in this game are also done very well. They are easy enough to find that you will never need a guide, and yet still offer a nice challenge to find.

The graphics aren't really special, but they can be quite beautiful at times. And the music is good. Nothing really spectaular in either of these departments.

Overall, I love this game. It's probably my game of the year as of right now. It completely surprised me.
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Re: Assassin's creed II
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2012, 02:47:47 pm »
The assassins creed series is the best thing that ever hapened to me. Now i am addicted to AC games.They are just amazing but my favorite is Revelations may be because of the Altair memories. The music is better than in any other game. And I dont see why you think that graphics are not good.