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Hi, I just got my fursona drawn, well, it isn't really my fursona (I don't have one yet and i don't have a reference sheet) but it comes pwetty close to what I've imagined. Anyway, I saw a lot of individual threads about furs fursonas, but not one for posting all of our fursonas together. So here it is, post your fursona here so we can all see what our furry/scaly/avian form is! ^^ I'll start by posting mine =3

Now post yours!


Although, the eye's should be a hot pink color, but this one was done in a monochrome :3

This is an older one, although he's not blue in this one. D:
And this'n is a more cutesy drawing of him getting dressed.

... :3

:sigh: while I do hate the reference in my profile, there are actually three really good sketches of my fursona done from FT members:

Hallow Heart:

Hale Laocon:

Good Man:
... Never cleared me to post it, I'm afraid, but it's hanging in my bedroom with the other two.

Hale's stands as my standard for reference, because it came first. If you'd ever need a color reference, a decent one came out of me trying out my prismacolors against it:

However, it's incomplete. It will never be complete; I accidentally ruined it on the next layer of color. (I do intend to finish it someday, but that's on the opposite end of Ruby, I do believe.)

EDIT: Although, there is a full length text reference sheet, which is updated as either A)I can find time or B) someone asks for more detail. I've actually got three fursonas; that's covered elsewhere. Che'ro is the one I usually end up using due to gender-role. Nobody has even been handed sheets for the other two, though a partial description of the "youngest", Cre'na, is floating out there.

Meadow Whisper (Natasha):
First off, my grown-up/teen form (my fursona is about 16-17):

And, in kid-form:

I have an alt as well, a collie named Svetlana who's older and not quite as much of a hippy girl (she's a search & rescue dog).  I'm still working on acquiring a perfect reference image of her, but this is her first appearance:

Daniel A. Skirtandzy:
Natasha, you have some fast growing trees...
You plant it in 2008 and by 2009 it is fully grown...


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