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Alien vs Predator Game (360) Review
« on: February 19, 2010, 05:48:30 am »
Alien vs Predator
Only just released, 18th here.
Fortunately we didn't have to recieve a censored version. (For anyone who doesn't know, Australia doesn't have an R18 rating for games.)
By that note, this game is very gory. Probably one of the most gory I have played.

In campaign, play as either 3 species; human, predator or alien, and complete objectives, which are usually obliterate anything that isn't you.
Gameplay changes as you play as different species, and can be quite a shift, especially affter playing for 4 hours with one species, then suddenly not knowing how to control another.

Anyone who has seen either of the AvP movies, this is fairly canonical.
Aliens have no ranged weapons, and must use stealth. Can see in the dark, and see enemies through walls and such. Only weapons are their bodies; claws, tail and tongue.
Predators can become invisible, have a plasma cannon, mines, spinning blades, and wrist blades. Very powerful, but most difficult to control. Have to balance energy usage, and tactics to kill other species.
Humans have no ability to see in the dark, other than a torch, and the iconic motion sensor, and use standard marine guns; assault rifles, snipers, pistols. Have no real physical attacks, but strongest at ranged attacks.

Campaign is completed after playing as all 3 species in any order. Fairly sturdy, not very long, about 3-4 hours each. Open to varying gameplay techniques, not too scripted.
Most fun is to be had online though. Deathmatches and infection modes work very well, with every species more than capable of holding their own as long as the player knows what they are doing.

Combat, the main element of this game, works quite well. Ranged attacks are scaled appropiately and not overpowered. Close combat can be tough to get used to, but comes second nature after using for a while. Uses a kind of RPS to it; strong attack beats block, fast attack beats strong attack, block beats fast attack.

I give this an 8.5 out of 10. Heaps of fun, adherent to typical AvP story and theme. Satisfying to no end to impale/decapitate/shred an oblivious marine to bloody bits. Let down slightly by some tough maneuverability at times, and occasionally annoying movement errors.
Get this game for the multiplayer. Thats where the fun is at. Will be playing this for a while yet.

I work at a games retailer so I go through a lot of games :P Hope this review is half decent, first review I have ever really posted anywhere.
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Re: Alien vs Predator Game (360) Review
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2010, 08:33:36 am »
i want the new one,  i have aliens v predator 2  for my computer which i love
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Re: Alien vs Predator Game (360) Review
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2010, 05:02:57 pm »
I got the demo off of XBL. I found that the marines were fairly balanced and controls were easy enough. The predators control scheme seemed cluttered and confusing sometimes, but after a few games quite fun. The aliens controls are tough with the 'wall climb' feature hard to activate. I'll post a real review when I can purchase the full game but till then this all I can say.
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